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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Creative Parties and Showers

It's no secret that I love Shannon......She's my home girl who designed the latest edition of this blog design. She also designs all our larger sponsor buttons if needed. The girl is full of creative ideas. I featured her other blog Eight Crazy shortly after starting TCB. So it was at no surprise I would LOVE her new venture at blogging. If you have a party to plan, or a shower........this site is going to be your go to friend.
Creative Parties and Showers

What's going to be so great about this site, is that you can submit your own party that you're so proud of. Share all your great ideas with others..........or maybe you need ideas for an upcoming event. This site will eventually be the hub of anything and everything party!

Here's a great bowling party idea. She did the cupcakes.......creating her own cookie cutter for the bowling pins...........even hit up a floor store for a pergo sample........What I love about Shannon?..........she thinks outside the box.

This cake below was from her son's party.......she decorates amazing cakes too...........With this party she personalized an airplane pinata.......I was going to show it here, but I don't want to give it all away. You'll see it when you visit her new site.

With my son's birthday in the winter, it's always a struggle deciding whether to have his party at our home, or off site where they do everything for you. Hmmmmm........15 wild boys in my home...........or somewhere else with no clean up. As you can imagine I usually opt for the off site location........but when he was smaller, that wasn't the the year I had a pirate party.

Shannon had a pirate party too..........I knew I liked her............I have to admit hers turned out WAY cuter. In my son's pirate party was BEFORE any of this pirate stuff was out. It was hard finding anything piraty..........I'm tellin ya.

Love the treasure map she did.I wish she would have had this blog before I planned mine...........this is a great idea for party bags. (you know how I feel about party bags...........I personally think they should be banned. I think I'll start a group on facebook..........Ban the party bag!)And the looks so professional............wanna see the one I made? LOL....... It ended up being a ship fell apart. Don't you love the blue tissue I used for the water? With fish and all. But guess son thought it was cool and so did all his friends.

You can check out the treasure map I did...........but it was actually for his bedroom, not the party. Still cute.

Don't know if you've noticed.......but parties aren't what they used to be.............they are events.........and by golly we need help with ideas......because not all of us have that LDS gene.......(Shannon is not LDS, so don't say I said she was, not that there's anything wrong with that....... but she is just as Holy) ....Thank God there are over achieving women like Shannon out there to make us look good. I can't wait to see what she has in store for this blog.........Remember if you have a cool party or shower you organized and you have some really cool photos to prove it.........submit them to Shannon.

Have a great weekend everyone...........go eat a cupcake.


Thank you to my 2 newest sponsors. Fun Whimsical Jewerly - she even has Twilight earrings. And Krista with The SHE Bang.


Minimalist Mommy said...

Those are some great tips. I am always looking for new creative ways to throw parties for my boys. I would love for you to see my son's cowboy party.

Sarah said...


Shannon said...

Thanks for the shout out! I hope people will submit their parties..because we all LOVE being inspired by other people's GREAT IDEAS!

....of course all the people who read THIS blog already know that!

YOU are the BEST!

Pixeltrash said...

I love your blog. Everything about it including the design behind it! How cute are these birthday parties? What did moms do before we could share blog ideas?

Kim - said...

Shannon, I tried emailing you to let you know I featured your new email is down. Darn comcast.

Maddy said...

Bet yours tasted better though!

Kim - said...

Oh Maddy, thanks for trying to make me feel was pretty good.....but I'm sure Shannon's was perfect. mmmmmmm

Sandy Toes said...

What fun ideas for a party! Love it~
sandy toe

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

What a fun party! I adore the cake!

Cher said...

I'm so glad to see her featured! I love that blog...(so much that I was even recently featured on it!) YAY! She does a terrific job!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I did the same cake for my son's party! Family Fun Magazine?

Here's the link to our pirate party Matey.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

I love this new blog! It's such a fun place to be able to check out parties and get inspiration. My baby shower was just featured there and I was super honored!

Cheryl said...

I used to have big parties for my daughter every year with a different theme, working on it all year long lol. Now that she has children of her own, I decided to have parties for my grandkids as well! But, now that I'm a "granny" I decided to do the same theme each year and build upon it....It just so happens its a pirate party! I even built a pirate ship in my back yard. Here is a link to my blog to view last years party pictures ---> I've only had one pirate party so far, my grandson's first birthday!-- my grandson is soon to be 2, so I am working on things to add to this years party.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love party ideas! I'm all about celebrating any and everything!!!
I'll check out her blog!
All Things Heart and Home

Tanya said...

i just found out about her blog a few weeks ago. it's great!

Laura said...

cake and parties! that is what I am all about!