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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Creative Women

I remember asking my husband for this book for Christmas……not this past Christmas, but the one before.  I have picked this book up and thumbed through it so many times……….I wouldn’t be surprise to have drool stains on the pages.  It’s one of those books that you find something to surprise you every time you read it.  No matter how many times.imageWell guess what?  She has a blog!   image Jo Packham the brain child behind that beautiful book and all the magazines has a blog!!!!  Squeal!  I saw her on twitter and didn’t think it was actually THE person behind Where Women Create….but it was.  That was a good twitter day!  Then I visited her blog and you’ll notice she has my “I love Today’s Creative Blog” button.  She likes me.image

Where Women Create

Jo is the go to gal to find all these amazing creative spaces……as well as learning the personality that creates in that space.   She brings you some amazing artists.  I LOVE seeing where they work.  How it’s set up……….how they organize………Sigh..imageAll the artists seem so unique in their talents. Her intimate descriptions of each artists makes you think you could be friends with each and every one.imageI love little drawers……….image

I really do believe old jars were really meant to hold buttons and small embellishments….. image

  Oh the fun we could have in this studio below…….image

She has a lot of giveaways too.  I love that bracelet.  I really should have won that.  image

Stop by and get inspired.  And you better leave her a comment!!!  Or I’ll go on strike! 

Come back tomorrow for Fabulous Friday Giveaway………I wonder if I could talk Jo into giving away a book sometime?  hint hint.  (I have no shame……but you already knew that)

Edited to add: They are giving away another bracelet in honor of being featured!!!  You really have to go visit now.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Creatively Wise

Katie is who I wish I was when I was 20. 

Creole Wisdom

I’ve enjoyed her blog for a couple of years.  I like her candid writing about growing up, going to college, having boyfriends…….I find myself wishing I could be that girl again with as much poise and grace as she has at such vulnerable age for all of us.  The age where we are truly becoming adults.  Katie is a smart girl.  She’s got the confidence that we hope all young girls grow up with.  

Her blog is really about simple living.  Being creative in all aspect and corners of her life.  She is a published photographer…….and excited to build her photography business.  image Its not enough for Katie to give her clients their Cd in any ordinary fashion…….she created her own envelope…….image You’ll get the message that she doesn’t do anything without style and grace.imageI think this is one my favorite photos.  I love the large tree and the people mingling.  This was a family event…..For me she captured the “family tree”.  (is that a labradoodle in the lower left corner?)image I think I first found Katie a couple of years ago through scrapbooking.  Remember when I used to scrapbook?  She had also lived in Portland at one point, so I instantly felt a connection to her blog. 

I love that a single woman feels the need to scrapbook this time in her life.  So many women think life starts once your married.  Don’t get me wrong….she wants to get married someday and will make an incredible wife and mother, but she’s living in the moment, relishing her journey.  There will be no settling for this young lady.  And if you’re lucky enough to be a friend…..then I’m sure she’ll keep you for life.imageKatie loves creating an environment that is orderly, creative and inviting.  She’s got some mad organizing skillz.  And she truly enjoys it.  I love how she’s done her college years albums.  Once again… and grace.imageimage  I was such a goof in college……..I have very few photos….but in my defense, that was back in the day of film…..and all the steps that go with that.  imageThe storage of photos was such a pain…..keeping track of all those little negative.  I’m breaking out in hives just thinking about it.    

Katie adores all things paper crafting……imageShe’s the kind of girl that plans out her Christmas gift wrap…….I’m sure she already has next years planned.  :)

If Katie could hang out with Martha Stewart for the day, I’m sure Martha would be asking her for ideas and advice by the end of the day.  Katie adores all things domestic…….she loves to cook, bake, entertain.  I really don’t think there is a moment when this girl isn’t planning something that will nourish her soul…….or someone else’s. imageIf you want to meet a girl who is taking full responsibility of her life and her direction…….taking life by the horns……then head over to her blog.  She’s a wise wise woman.image

Thanks to all who linked up for Get Your Craft On!  I’m trying to get through the list.  Come back tomorrow for another great feature.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wanna go to the beach?

Beach Brights

If you like lots and lots of ideas, inspiration sheets, a bit of cooking and baking…..then you’ll enjoy your visit to Beach Brights.    She’s been a loyal follower of TCB and we tear up the Twitter floor every now and then.  What?  You didn’t know I had a twitter acct?  I do.  It’s on the side bar.  Join.  But this isn’t about me……for once………it’s about Beach Brights.

What really caught my eye was her bathroom re-do.  I have been toying with this idea for a very long time.  Why not make your vanity out of a bombay chest, or a cute little dresser……hmmm, I wonder if the dresser I bought last week would work……Squeal!  I hadn’t even thought of the bathroom. 

This is a way better idea than any affordable vanity at Home Depot.  She has a video I assume that tells you how to do this.  More Squealing! 4101739458_8351abe6dd
Here’s a quick before and after.  Love it!4101967402_d75963a45cThey move a lot, so she has a few before and afters.  Or decorating solutions. Because what works in one house may not work in the other.  3722221546_7ee27f95f9 I would NEVER move if I had this office – craft room.  NEVER!3722221770_102d80b102Then I got distracted by some of the yummy things she’s waving around on her blog.  These are some sort of gooey bar………..4188692550_bd681afcb0made with this stuff……….say no more.  If you’re trying to lose wt with a new years resolution, sorry.  But they do look good don’t they?4187929565_bc08ffd19d  And then I noticed some quick dinner suggestions.  Quick? I love that.  This is a ravioli dish that she says only takes minutes to make.  Sold!!!4175098863_66ce1b4f40Yummmm…….I’d make it tonight, but I am actually going to try the Pioneer Woman’s Meat Loaf.  Yea……..I’m that cool.4175864424_a63774b1aa     Included with her quick meals…….she showed a quick fish tacos with mango salsa.  I sat up straight when I read Simple and Mango Salsa. Cannot wait to try that.3998887617_a6bb05afdd Little bit for everyone here.  She’s another sweet blogger…….not a snooty one.  I wish I could tell you when I think they’re snooty, but I’m more refined than that.  :)  Let’s just say….had I known they were snooty, I wouldn’t have featured them…….and really it’s a very small percentage on my featured list.  I am continually amazed at the talent and character I have come across.

OK……wow, where did that little rant come from? 

Go be a nice blogger and leave her a comment.  :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Where have you been all my life?

Simple Renee – Clip It Up

I couldn’t stand it any longer! My craft room was so unorganized that I couldn’t craft my way out of a paper bag…….If you’re a scrapbooker, or if you have a craft room, you are no doubt always looking for the perfect storage system for all the crap stuff we accumulate. 2007_0124studio0009Being a visual person, I have used the peg board system for the past few years. It works pretty well, except when I put more than one item on a peg……I can’t see what’s behind it and when I go to look I tend to knock off a few items causing me curse like a sailor………well not actually, but I may say “Darn it!” because it’s irritating.

Well my neighbor got one of these Clip it Up thingy’s. She kept going on and on and on and on…..”this thing is so great”….bla bla bla…….”I scrapped with things I had completely forgotten about”…..bla bla bla…..”I just love that everything’s at my fingertips”…….bla bla bla……..

So after hearing her go on and on and on for about a week, I thought perhaps I should look into this……..I mean it could be the answer to my messy scrap room. I contacted Clip it Up and begged to review it they were kind enough to send me the base unit and top tier to review. IMG_5800When it arrived, I got all warm inside…….the box was so cute, you know the product HAD to be good right? I had my husband assemble it…….only to make him feel needed around the house……I could have done it myself, but I was probably making a 5 course dinner at the time……..NOT! IMG_5799This baby is tall! I was surprised how big it was and got so excited thinking how much product it would hold!!! I had seen my neighbors, but she only has the bottom section. I got busy right away loading my NEW Clip It Up! I first put the clips on, but soon realized that it’s easier to clip your product, THEN hang it on your unit.IMG_5804I started with Alphabets and kept on going until I ran out of clips. I only have about 5% left….pretty darn good. I need to add all my tabs now…They are very generous with how many they give you. IMG_5816IMG_5809Here you can see it sitting on my table. So much stuff! Sadly, I found things I haven’t used in many years….now that they’re in my reach, I’m sure to use them……..and I am going to USE THEM! I don’t care if they seem ugly now…….It’s all going to seem ugly in 50 years. IMG_5805I love how the top tier holds your smaller product and the bottom is large enough to hold 12x12 products. IMG_5802 While on their blog, I found some great ideas. So many ideas on how to use this organizing wonder. What about storing doll clothing for your little girl? Or ribbons?SR Clip It Up 2rwI also saw that they just selected a new design team. boxThe design team will post ideas on how to get organized……….can’t wait for that one. They’ll also post other crafty ideas too……..but right now……my mind is on organizing!cards inside

You can find lots of scraping inspiration too.

Sites_and_Sounds I give Clip it Up 2 thumbs up! Can’t wait for my neighbor to come over so I can go on and on and on and on……….IMG_5803 This is gonna agree with my Reach N’ Scrap method of scraping. (only use what you can reach)

Simply Renee Clip it Up systems is having a GREAT sale.

30% off for the month of January! Holy Cow! Discount code is Organize2010

Tell her Today’s Creative Blog sent you. :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I can’t stop…..

Organizing that is….or at least thinking about it.  I get nibbled by the organizing bug a couple of times a year and this is one of them.  Must be all the sales on totes this time of year. 

I’ve had Organize and Decorate Everything in my FFF (future feature file) for awhile now.  Seems like the perfect time for her TCB debut, don’t you think.

Her site is full of great ideas on how to organize for pretty much anything and everything.  Like using shoe organizers for many many different uses.  You have to visit her site to see. (psst….I use mine as a first aid supplies upstairs in my linen supply closet)sany0155-150x150She knows her stuff……she’s got eight kids from crying out loud…….you’d have to be organized, or you’d forget to feed one of them.  Well, I would anyway.  If I had eight kids, I would easily be the poster child for that T-shirt that says “I forgot the baby on the bus”.  Having only one child, it’s hard to forget……so far I’m doing good. 

You can also pick up some fun creative crafty ideas too.   Sounds like a heavenly site doesn’t it?

Shhh……I won’t tell, but I am guessing there may be a couple of you that still  haven’t put away Christmas.  Shhhhh….Well she may be perfect at getting you started.  I wish I would have read her post before throwing all my stuff in totes.  It’s a free for all here……and I actually wrote myself a note to remind myself to re-organize EVERYTHING next year when I pull them out.  I did.  I love this idea with the plastic cups.  Perfect for organizing all those delicate ornaments.SS859903-300x225Place more tissue on top and they are nestled in for another year. SS859922-300x225Ziplock bags are our friends!  I actually use many ziplock bags with my holiday decor storage…….glad I’m doing something right.SS859924-300x225

Adding to our theme yesterday…….organizing our craft supplies, she’s got a few ideas that you can implement today.  Always love the basket storing wrapping paper idea.  Looks pretty too.SS859721-225x300Look at her purdy craft drawers.  I wanna see inside.  SS859770-300x225She makes fun stuff in this little area of hers.  I’ve seen these darling clips several places now.  I’ve been been sent some from one of my features.  Such a great gift idea or perfect way to dress up any memo board.  You can use paper or fabric.SS859636-300x225She uses hers on these cute tins…….Darling isn’t it?SS859648-225x300What I love about writing TCB and cruising around for creative blogs, is I am sometimes reminded of crafts I want to do.  I have ALWAYS wanted to do this……ALWAYS.  And I still haven’t.  SS857535-300x225Make desert stands, cake stands from Goodwill plates and vases.  What a beautiful way to recycle.  She shows a tutorial……TUTORIAL!SS8575071-225x300I’m happy to see that paint is also her friend.  You know how I like to paint things.  SS859944-300x225She found these snow flakes and decided they needed to be white…….like real snowflakes…..she added them along with a darling winter banner to her mantle for her winter decor. SS859943-300x225      Can you handle one more idea?  This is another one I keep meaning to do.  A place to hang your earrings.  A pretty place to hang your earrings.  She made it.  She’ll show you too.


   Now go make me look good…….go leave her a ton of comments!


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