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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Shannon with EIGHT CRAZY

Shannon with EIGHTCRAZY
Once again, I about fell out of my chair when I saw her canvas' she made with Basic Grey papers. I made magnets.............she makes wall art...........figures. But I am totally going to copy her. They really remind me of my most favorite pieces of art made my Sid Dickens.......a Memory Block. You can see them on my personal site. But these are so much more in my budget.
Notice she did 8 of them? She loves the number 8. And while I'm telling person tidbits about Shannon..........she has a little boy with one of the cutest smiles I've seen.

Also the amazing thing is.........while snooping around her blog, I realize that we must be from the same know how I know this? I recognized the Cold Stone Creamery. Yep, I did. Really..........and I've only been there twice. Ok, maybe the mention of a few other places from around here helped. So, I bet we are both equally frustrated with the lack of scrap stores close to us. Sure Craft Warehouse is OK, but we really really need a good scrap store CLOSE. Don't you think Shannon?
I'm over here in Camas........waving hello :)

What first caught my eye about Shannon's site was the amazing cakes she does. Above is a cake she did for a friends wedding. White Chocolate. Gotta love wedding cake.
Love that party she planned below. Very very cute. Since I probably won't be getting a cake from Splanyeo for my birthday sept 3..........she's too far chances may be better with Shannon. :)

Click HERE to visit Shannon

Tell her I sent you. :)


Julie said...

Cute cute cute! I love creative cakes.

I have a blog I want you to check out it you have not already:
Talk about talented!

Splaneyo said...

Thank goodness - now I don't have to feel so guilty about the birthday cake thing! Great blog - thanks.

Shannon said...

Hey Kim,
Thanks so much for featuring me today! I'm so honored and excited! I didn't get home from the fair until about 10:30 so I just saw it! I too love the sid dickens tiles, but I'm WAY TO CHEAP to ever buy them. The tiles I did were actually inspired the the SD tiles! Nice eye!
Thanks again for the shout out!

infarrantly creative said...

Shannon is the bestest...In fact that Isaac cake was for me. They taste as good as they look. She has such an eye for design. I used to live in Camas (about two monts ago) now I live in Indiana

Beth said...

i love this idea!! i've framed paper before, but this is way more cool! ....i thinking my kitchen walls need an update....i love your blog, too! i check almost everyday to see new inspirations! (i'm just around the corner, in battleground!)

thrifty miss priss said...

Very cool idea! I'm new to the blog world and have discoverd your site! I listed you on my sidebar as places to visit! Love the idea of this blog, a new place to look every day! Thanks so much for sharing!

thrifty miss priss said...

ok, Two comments from me the same day....I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the "Nice Matters" blog award. I was honored and had to pick who to pass it on to. Thanks for finding all these great sites for us to drool over! Check out my site to copy and paste your award!

alice k. said...

Found a link somewhere and just had to hop over to see what it was about... I love it! Thanks for the link to Shannon, in fact, thanks for all the links!
Keep up the good work - very inspirational!

Tracie said...

Oh that cake is sooo cute!!

restyled home said...

Hi kim,
I love the cakes!! I have done the wall art thing, too, with the scrap paper, but they didn't turn out near as nice. I think I skimped too much on the mounting surface. Hers are gorgeous, as is the rest of her blog!!

Again, great pick!!

Shannon said...

Hey Kim,
I was thinkig about the Sid Dickens memory blocks and wanted to pass along another tip to you....Instead of puting the paper on canvas, you can actualy use a 2x6 from the lumber store and cut them down to the length you want. A 7 to 8 inch height is good. I did this once and it worked nicely. I think it's a bit less expensive than the thick canvases as well. You can use a sander to soften the rough cut edges. Then paint the sides, or even stain them and you are ready to modge podge. Hope you had a great weekend!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

great tip Shannon, I may have to do this soon.

Bejeweled said...

What a lovely blog you have! Love all the creative sites you feature!

These wall tiles are great and the cakes are so cute!

Sibylle said...

one of my life ambitions is to learn how to frost a cake. So cool!