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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thank you! A smooch for everyone!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think Today's Creative Blog would be what it is. TCB was just something I started on a whim.........I loved searching for other blogs that shared my obsessions for decorating, crafting and creating. I thought how wonderful it would be if someone had a blog that did the foot work for you.....a hub of craftiness. In that small time frame of 5 minutes, I started Today's Creative Blog. You know how I just jump in before testing the waters? Thank God this water has been lovely. My first post was my dear online friend Nancy Jones and I've never looked back. Of course in the beginning I thought I could do a feature daily, but feeding my family, teaching classes......the life that I lead got in the way at times. Darn it!

I have met so many wonderful online friends. The warm nature of people who visit my blog keeps me going. I love keeping people and myself inspired with the talent of others. I love helping people realize they ARE inspiring to others. And selfishly, I keep myself inspired by everyone's talent.

With the growth of TCB, I have been fortunate to have people who think it's worth it that I sit here and plunk out a feature every couple days. It sure makes it easier to justify the time I spend on the computer and avoid my home list of to do's.
Thank you to all my advertisers. Thank you to all my readers. I feel very fortunate that I can make a little bit of a living doing what I absolutely enjoy. And at the same time it allows me to promote the creativity in others.
I can guarantee that all my sponsors are creative in please pay them a visit. Several have great ideas for Christmas gifts too.

Created By Mom
Motherhood is truly divine, but it can be difficult to remember that while covered in spit up, drowning in dirty dishes & stressing over making ends meet. Often moms start their own businesses as a way to have more time at home with their families. The chic boutique is a classy place for moms to sell the products they have created, while also enjoying the famous Mom-Vendor Discount (20% off any other item in the boutique!).

You can read what I wrote about them on TCB here.

Rabecca Adams

Amazing artist who paints your portrait! I always wonder how people got this talented.

What a fantastic hub for women. Great place to hang out.

Another one of my fabulous features.

OH.MY.GOSH! This is one product that was not yet available when my son was small. The cutest shoes for littles at such a bargain price. I buy these kind of shoes for every person I know who is having a baby.

Peekaboo Paperie (psst.......there's a giveaway coming soon)These guys have the CUTEST cards! Weather you need Christmas cards, baby announcements, etc.... They have so many options. Check them out.

The Cup Cake Club The Cupcake book series for any tween girl. This woman is amazing. The support she offers for young women is wholesome and encouraging.

Fine Art of Family It's home to a collection of lockets, jewelry and image cases destined to be passed down as part of your family history

Crash This Party is the site for you to share your decoration, invitation or tablescape, menus and entertainment ideas. You can even post pictures of your events for free. Share your photos and ideas with family and friends from all over the world, anytime.

My PacifierMy son would NEVER take a pacifier........oh how I tried. Perhaps if his name was on it, he would have been more interested?

Cherish Bound Anyone can become a published author. Cherish Bound can help you publish your own book whether a five year old child, eighty-five year old grandmother or somewhere in between. One copy or 100-Affordably!

Mommy Making CoinFull time mom, making money from home.

Alyson Garvey Designs Amazing hand crafted jewelry

Paper CakesThe sweetest paper embellishments .

Sharon Foster Art Original paintings and more

Unique gifts from Japan

We all love blog designs.

Initial Designs I love this type of art! Your family name or initial.......or for the babies room.

Amazing button tags, paper and fabric yo yo's......cute stuff!

Kiki & Lele
Kiki and Lele Boutique Hand-crafted Jewelry

I love this stuff! It's so perfect for gifts!


Jen r. said...

We love you Kim!!!

Saucy said...

We just love coming here to "the hub" as you call it... you do major legwork for us.

I will email you on Wednesday about my giveaway - 500 posts!!

Jennifer P. said...

You have "jumpstarted" so many blogging and creative careers it's not even funny :)! We love you Kim! (and yes--I shall speak for the masses here ;)!).

Tanya said...

While I only found your blog a few months ago, I truly enjoy all of your fun links and to see what fun things you'll have next!

Keep up the great work!

Meghan said...

So glad you started this blog.
You have opened my eyes to so many wonderful blogs & creativeness out there!!!

Your Mormon friend!

Kirsten said...

Thank YOU, Kim. This is one of my favorite stops in the blog world. You are golden, my friend.

~Barb~ said...

My favorite bloggy stop is rock, Kim.

Peace & Love,

Kelly said...

No, thank YOU for doing what you do. The home to dos will be there tomorrow but, today and now, is what is important! ~Kelly

Tanya said...

thanks for all your hard work! this blog is so great!

LuLu said...

What you do is so helpful. I don't have the time to pour through all of them so your site is perfect. It introduces me to things I may have missed. I do, however, feel totally uncrafty after each post though LOL I didn't realize how many crafty people are bloggers!! I just blog...but I am inspired to try and join to craft team!!!!
thanks for the motivation and to one day get on your TCB!!!! I have high goals for '09

Chrissie said...

Keep those creative blogs comin' our way! Love 'em, Love 'em!