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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quilt Taffy

My last guest post!--where has the time gone? Why, it seems like just Monday that we started out on this journey together.......oh wait, it was Monday!!! I just have to say that I have had so much fun with you ladies. I've always thought TCB had the greatest group of readers, and you haven't proven me wrong!

Let me start by making a little confession to you all: I. don't. sew. Not like "I can't make a dress without a pattern" kind of not being able to sew, but like I can't even thread the bobbin kind! Both my mother and my mother-in-law have thrown up their hands in frustration trying to teach me. I was actually using pins and hot glue to put patches onto my son's cub scout uniform before a friend took pity on me and said she would barter her sewing for my cooking. Thank goodness! Meatloaf, I know---needles and thread, not so much. I guess it's because I can't sew a stitch that I'm always fascinated by people who can. Today, I'm happy to feature two fellow Idahoans who have no sewing impairments whatsoever:

Quilt Taffy!!!

Quilt Taffy is made up of two ** zany** sisters, Corrie and Des. They get to run off to all kinds of fancy quilt shows and exotic craft fairs and meet famous people:

Here's Des with Heather Bailey

And Corrie with Amy Butler.

I love that Corrie and Des do all the walking through these mega-convention centers, showing and telling about all the new stuff coming to a store near me soon----while I get to just sit here on my blogging patootie, look at all the pictures, and eat a whole box of Otter Pops.

Their blog is an extension of their store, but it never feels like they're trying to sell me anything. Still, if I (and by I, I mean my friend who sews for meatloaf) wanted to make something absolutely adorable like these overnight bags:

Or this red work:

or this table runner (lemons not included...):

Or these froggies and bunnies and elephants (oh my!)--

I COULD!--because the kits and/or fabric would be available. Don't ya love seeing American enterprise at work :)?!

Quilt Taffy has lots of tutorials and lots of projects to choose from--all mixed in with excerpts from the sisters' real lives. You will love it!

And just in case you aren't convinced----they give away FREE FABRIC EVERY THURSDAY!!! Does it get any better than FREE?! Not unless you find some way to coat "free" in chocolate and diamonds....

So buckle up your Mary Jane's and skip on over to Quilt Taffy and congratulate them on their feature--we isolated Idahoans need all the contact we can get with the outside world :) !

And thanks so much for playing with me this week!--I wish the best of everything to all of you! ~Jennifer P.


HappyScrapper said...

You did a GREAT JOB guest hosting/posting for TCB!! Have a great day!!
Lisa H. in Arkansas

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Thanks Jen P for was fun, and I don't sew either. I bought a sewing machine for my daughter for Christmas....LAST. YEAR. and it's still in the box. But I am getting there. I called my mom to come and thread my bobbin, so maybe by this Christmas, I will be there...2 years, not bad.

artgirlATL said...

What a cool site.

My Beautiful Mess..... said...

Love it and LOVE your blog. I look so forward to your latest find. Thanks for sharing :)

Melissa Lester said...

I am a fabric girl, so can't wait to check this one out. Thanks, Jennifer!

meg duerksen said...

good job jennifer.
you did TCB proud.
i wish i could just sew all the time.
it takes so much concentration and i lack concentration. so after i finish a project i am usually so very done for awhile.
but then i see all this fabric and i feel inspired again.
i love fabric!
have a great weekend!

Amy Jo said...

I like the tutorials on her site. She writes like she's talking to me, instead of typing a blog!

Michelle said...

Thanks for guest hosting!
I'm envious of her meeting Amy Butler! Fab stuff!

katemeri said...

Thanks Jennifer - you were a fabulous guest host!

Kate in Costa Rica

Connie said...

I am a hand quilter. I have a hate/hate relationship with my sewing machine.

I can't wait to go be inspired by these fabulous sisters!


aimee said...

if you love quilts here is one you could win. it is soooooooo yummy!