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Monday, April 28, 2008

The Style Sisters

Monday, Monday, Monday........I'm on a roll.

I found The Style Sisters not long ago and was instantly drawn to the cake plates..........or maybe it was just the thought of cake. (which by the way I am so addicted to the fat free sour cream angel food cake!.........with strawberries......)I love cake plates and believe it or not, I don't have one. I have thought many times that I would just make my own. So that's my new goal for my summer yard sailing........find the perfect plate and dish / vase for a cake plate. Love this idea.

The Style Sisters are fun, easy going and ready to help. They love a good DIY project, so now you know why I like them. They are WAY more that a word?........they have more guts than know what I'm gettin at.
Like this chair.......she decided that she would just recover it herself. Now that's guts. She shows the finished product on her blog. I think that would give my husband a heart attack if I started taking furniture apart. Not that he would be completely surprised though.Here's another chair she re-did. It was pinkish. Then she added this little skirt. So cute. See, you don't need those expensive designer chairs.........just find some older ones with great lines and paint......paint and paint!

Love the practical ideas I found on their site. A gift wrapping station......perfect. This reminds me that I need to finish mine.

And this table below. Isn't it beautiful? I have that topiary......I knew I liked them. I need a long dish like that one with the tomatoes in it.

Style Sisters is somewhat new, so you know there are so many great ideas to come. I can't wait.

You won't be disappointed........have fun.

edited to add: I have had a few comments wanting the recipe to the sour cream angel food cake. Yes it's true, I usually bake wonderful desserts from scratch........snicker snicker....... Well I wish I could say I baked it, but we buy it from QFC.


restyled home said...

This looks like a great link...I'm heading on over! I love me a good wrapping station...!!!


Mrs. B said...

Oooh, yay, someone who's tried upholstery. I've been wanting to find something like this. Thanks Kim! I'm off to check it out. And how ambitious of you to committ to a new blog every day this week!

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Looks like a great site...I'm hopping on over to check it out.
Thanks, DebraK

Anonymous said...

Checked it out and it is wonderful. Now we need the recipe for the fat free sour cream angel food cake!.........with strawberries. Okay?


The Style Sisters said...

Wow thanks Kim for the nice write up on us!! I can't wait to get my blinkie!! :) You are the best!! I want the recipe for the cake too!

The Style Sisters said...

Wow! What a fun thing to see that you highlighted us on your blog!!! Thank you for your sweet comments! We are having such a fun time with it!! We LOVE your blog as well!! Take care and thanks again Kim!!
Tiffany (the other sister from the Stle Sisters :o)

Heidi ( said...

Sounds like a fun new blog for me! Thanks!

Holly said...

Don't mean to repeat what I wrote on their site... but... OH Boy! Now I know what I'm blogging about today!!!! The green and orange footed servers are FABULOUS! Thanks for finding them for us Kim!

Jessica said...

hey. thanks for your comment.

i would LOVE for you to head to East TN and join me on a shoot. I did make the purple flowered one, but the pink one was sent to me when i did the commercial shoot for fuzzyme tutus! they are several posts back!!!

have a great day!!!

Madeline & Peter said...

I am the Style sister's Daughter! Thanks so much for highlighting them! They are my inspiration for everything. There is nothing better than growing up with a mom, aunt and grandma who can do EVERYTHING! I am glad other people get to experience their talent too!

Melody said...

OOooo I love that gift wrapping station. I could definately use that idea for one of the awkward corners in my craft studio.


jeanne winters said...

How do you find such neat sites!! Fun ones!