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Sunday, April 27, 2008

May I have your attention please?

I am going to declare my commitment to posting a new blog EVERYDAY this week.
Yep.......I'm gonna post a new blog M-T-W-Th-F.........I have not even looked at my schedule this week, I know we have two baseball games this week on W and Th........7:15pm.........I don't think I have any other's not newsletter it's looking good for you guys.

But what I want from you..........besides lots of comments everyday........what I want from you is advice. If you own an SLR my fancy pants Canon Rebel XTi........yes I am gloating........but if you own a fancy pants camera of your own........WHAT LENS or lenses do you have? What is your favorite and what kind of shots do you take with it?
I am getting ready to buy a lens..........with my blogher see, I have all those obnoxious ads on here for a reason. I am furthering my creative side.

And don't miss the quick and yummy recipe on my personal blog.


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh no, now you are making me jealous. I want a fancy pants camera too!!!LOL Not likely to get one though.
Look forward to seeing this weeks posts.

emily said...

Hey creative but busy lady:
My latest post talks about being creative but busy too. :) Hang in there!

I own: Canon 20D
I love my: 50 mm 1.8 (SUPER cheap, as far as lenses go, but unbeatable portrait lens. No zoom, though.)
I also own: EFS 17-85 mm... Good for multipurpose.

Adrienne said...

I have a 20D
LOVE,love, love my 17-40L Great for group shots.

Love my 50mm 1.8. VERY good lens for the money. It's fixed but fantastic.

candiceschenk said...

I have a Nikon d50. I have a 50mm 1.4 which I almost always keep on my camera. I use it for the portraits I take for others, as well as an everyday lens. It's great. I have a less expensive zoom lens, 70-300mm that I really like for sports shots or for taking inconspicuous shots of my kids. I do really want to get a wide angle lens sometime soon.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I have a fancy Canon Rebel but I don't use it to it's full all! It's actually not my personal camera its my work camera but I'm borrowing it!

If I could get a lens for it I would get a wide angle. I would love to get whole room shots of my apartment not just small sections of it!

I'm loving my BlogHer ads! I'm doing so much better with them than I did with Google ads! This is only my second month but I'm really happy!

Thanks again for featuring my blog! I cannot believe how many people are clicking over from your site!

sara farrar said...

i have the canon 30D with the 28-200mm f/3.5, 24-70mm f/2.8 , 50mm f/1.8 and i think the 28-200mm f/3.5 was the best lense to start with. take the time to learn about the "F-Stop" and know your needs and what you want your camera to do for you. the lower the "F-Stop" number the more blurred out the backgrounds will be and the mroe wide-open you can shoot.

your blog is fantastic and such an inspiration!!!!

Sabii Wabii said...

This is a great blog....Its going to take me forever now to link up and look at all the cool blogs you've posted.

Sara Farrar Photography said...

whoops.. this is my contact info.

steph said...

I have a Nikon D50.
I love my 18-55 lens, it's what I keep on my camera and use the most often. I also own a 70-300, which is great and I do use it quite a bit. Last, I have a 10-20. I am an interior designer, so this is good for room shots. I really only use that lens for my work. I was just telling my husband tonight that my next purchase (which I hope to be SOON) will be some sort of macro lens. Love your blog by-the-way!

Melissa Lester said...

Love the site! I'm lobbying my husband for a new camera, so I'm taking note of your reader's recommendations. Hope you get a great lens!

Connie said...

My husband just bought me a Canon Rebel XTi while I was away on Vacation and he got a Canon EF 75-300mm lens. I'm just reading in right off from the box.

I have no idea how to use either of them!! I can't wait to get started learning!

Looking forward to this week....

Kristin said...

I'm jealous... I don't have a nice camera AT ALL. Maybe one day! But I am very excited about your commitment to giving us new blogs to look at everyday; I love being creative, but need new inspiration constantly!

Jessica K. said...

Definately the fixed 50mm f1.4 lens. I rented one recently and it blew me just have to save my pennies...or get myself some ads...:-)

Anonymous said...

I have a Rebel also. You know there's a free Yahoo Group for this camera right?

I have had 2 different lens recommended to me..... but for 2 totally different purposes.
I can't wait to see the replies you get :D

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Thanks for introducing me to My Romantic Home--I love that site! And I would have to add Scrap to My Lu as a wonderfully creative blog list as well!
I'm so happy to have found you!

cityfarmer said...

I found you over at Romantic home...nice to meet's very fun here.

You might enjoy my second blog about my painted furniture business.

let's chat

Anna said...

I have a Canon Rebel xt. I think that yours has a couple more megapixels than mine :) Anyway, the beginning of your journey here reminds me of my own. We bought this camera when our first child was born and I have been trying to use it to it's full potential ever since (not there yet)! The lens that came with it is the one that really seem to have on there the most often, but I also have two other lenses- one telephoto (for bringing the far away up close, or sneaking candids of my kids) and a 50mm portrait lens. This one is really fun because it lets in a ton of light and creates a nice blurred background.

Mrs. Limestone said...

I own a NikonD50.

I have the two lens that came with my kit - the standard zoom as well as a longer zoom. With the exception of a safari trip, I haven't used the long zoom much so I wouldn't recommend that one.

I also have a fish eye lens which I love for fun photos but it was pretty pricey and I don't use it all that much. So I'd probably not go with that one.

And I have a wide angle lens that I use ALL the time. Its absolutely fab for taking interior photos and getting in "the whole picture". It can also be great to take interesting composition shots where you have a lot of background constrasted with something in the immediate foreground. I love this lens and would highly suggest it.

liz said...

the lens that i absolutely love is my Canon 85mm
f 1.8! i use it for portaits, this is a must have!
really looking forward to your new blog everyday this week!

shelley said...

I have the Xti and I love it!! I have the 50mm 1.4 and the 85 1.4. Both are super portrait lens. I love taking pictures of old and worn things and also of my kids. I have recently started a very small side business of senior portraits and have done family and maternity too. I love visiting antiques stores and shooting photos. Come stop by and see at All my photos are off to the left! I hope that helps!

lukabella said...

Hi Kim, I use my EF 85mm f/1.8 usm lens almost all the time and it is glorious!!! Once you use this lens you will now what I am talking about. The 50mm 1.4 is also a good lens. These are not zoom lenses so you have to walk in and out to get close and so on. On my blog under the title of Womans Retreat the last two pics were taken with the 85mm and I think it speaks for itself. Take a peak. I have been playing with a lot of lenses lately so let me know if I can answer any more questions.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Well, it looks like you've had a lot of great comments, but just in case you wanted some more....

I take it your camera came with a standard lens.

Personally, I would go for a wide angle lens first, preferable with a bit of a zoom. A wide angle not only allows you to take, well, wide, photos, but if you're photographing things, people, events, it forces you to get closer to the subject that then creates an more intimate feel to your images. This is the lens I use the most and have done whole exhibitions purely on this lens.

When you're ready to buy another lens later down the track, I'd go for a telephoto.

Not sure if you know, but I used to be a professional photographer and that's what my undergrad degree is in. Feel free to email me if you want to ask any questions ;)

Happy shopping!

Sophie said...

I have a fairly fancypants Canon 40 D camera and the only lens I have is the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 which a couple of others have mentioned.

It's just great for such a cheap lens but I guess it depends what you take pictures of - mine are mainly food! I'm saving up very slowly to get a macro lens next.