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Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Vintage Nest

I swear I had already featured Lynn with The Vintage Nest. I have so many Nests and Cottages......I get mixed up. I even had a file with photos already saved. But looking back, it looks like I missed her. How could I?

Lynn's site if full of warmth, character, lots of great decorating ideas, lots of treasures and a glimpse into an ideal life in the country.

I bet Lynn is one of those women that the minute you meet her, you're family. Just from reading her site, she has a zest for life with a heart the size of Texas. Her house in the country is amazing. This looks like a place I'd love to go for vacation. Maybe she should start a bed and breakfast for us blogging girls??? I can see myself curled up on her couch with a great cup of coffee......or tea..... just waiting for her to tell me everything she knows. Then strolling down for the evening hours to sit by the lake.......
Lynn's house is always festive, whatever the holiday. The beautiful boxwood wreath served double duty through Christmas and now Valentines. I LOVE this wreath. Reminds me of my smaller ones I bought for my dining room chairs............but I would die to have this one for my door. I have never heard of anyone making them around these parts. This one is not fake like mine.

A glimpse into her dining room........breath taking isn't it? I am SO there...........I'll take 2 lumps.I know the time is over to be decorating with pumpkins...........but I just had to share this photo of what she did. Now why didn't I ever think to paint a pumpkin with crackle paint? The silver painted tray, with all the candle sticks along with that pumpkin..........Shabang!They say to group your collections together...........certainly works well for these old watch faces. Gives a timeless look don't you think?Speaking of timeless. GASP! That color! What an adorable tin box. Reading through her blog I instantly got the feeling she is one stylish a Jackie O way. This photo proves it. I mean who else would have a fur coat on the chair of their craft table? Now that shows Moxie.There is no doubt that Lynn is living her best life. That's her and her son. I hope that I have a photo like with my son some day. They look so happy, like they have a great relationship. Love that photo.

Lynn has her blog and her website where she sells vintage treasures. You'll want to visit both.........and don't forget to give Lynn a little TCB hospitality.

No spell check again? What do they think this is, the 70s?


Lisa said...

Another great site. You sure can find them Kim. said...

she looks like fun!
that turquoise box is a treasure!

tjc designs Blog said...

I love your witty comments and wicked sense of humour, but I want FACTS and ummm 7 of them so I have tagged you! :)

Kari & Kijsa said...

She does have a fabulous site! So glad to see her featured! (and how fabulous...a fur and crafting together!!!)

kari & kijsa

Heidi ( said...

You find the BEST blogs! Thanks for this link, I'm on my way there now!

Sherry said...

So glad you have featured Lynn!! She's a wonderful woman and her blog and website are as beautiful as she is!