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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Great Tip

Autumn Leaves past Calendars
I need to submit this to Laurie over at Tip Junkie. Not sure if it would be a big enough tip........but for us scrappers, it's perfect.

My girlfriend Valerie planted this seed for me. She takes all her Idea books that are bound like a thick magazine and has them bound with the plastic rings. Her Becky Higgins sketch books, etc..... She also recently told me that she took her past copies of her Autumn Leaves calendars to be bound. PERFECT! One of those lightbulb moments for me. My husband took them to Kinko's for me and had it done. He said the guy at Kinko's didn't seem too happy about it.
Edited to add: Happay suggested doing it yourself with a 3 hole punch and only using 2 holes. Then use the rings to hold it together. Great idea! Yes, I had thought of that, but I wanted them to stay solid and not wash around. Plus I'm lazy. I suppose had it been too expensive, I would have taken that route. . Kinko's was only $4.40 for each.......not bad for 130+ pages of thick cardstock. I love them.


amy said...

how expensive was it? love the idea!

happay said...

with a 3 hole punch you can do it yourself for free a few pages at a time. 2 holes each page and then use those office rings to hold it toghether.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! thanks
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Kari & Kijsa said...

Great idea! This would be great for so many things...even inspiration books for your home & art!
Love it!!

kari & kijsa

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I love her blog, I try to visit it often.
So may blogs~ so little time!.
I've posted the January centerpieces. What's on your table for February???

Kristan said...

I have all of my quilting books done at Staples so they lie flat while I am using them...(It's less than $2 there usually.)

Susie Harris said...

Im so in love with your blog. So mant ideas so little time! I will visit daily Im sure!, Be Blessed, Susie