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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Margie! I'm just a girl Most of you probably already visit Margie's Blog.

I have been stalking her for a long time. Her blog is one of the first one's I got addicted to.
Margie has more energy than her 4 + 1 children combined. I fell in love with her two boys when she placed a video on her blog of them shaving their heads. So funny! You have to search the archives...........or maybe she'll re-post it..........hint hint.
She's got the dream job of working with Making Memories and always seems to have such a great attitude and outlook on life. She even designed a teeshirt that you can order. Her husband, who also has a great attitude even models it on the blog. I'm tellin ya.........I have a feeling she can get people to do pretty much anything, cause she is just that fun and sweet.
I begged, and I'm not kidding.........I begged her to come to Portland to teach a few classes. The Art House in Portland was ready for her, but a family emergency came up. Don't you hate it when someone has their priorities in the right place? She did however come to Portland for a work event..........and can you believe it................she didn't call! :)

Margie LOVES pink! You can see how it's influenced her home studio workspace.

Love this clock she did. I should do one of these for my scraproom.

Well, because Margie always ends her posts with "kiss kiss" I should probably do the same.

kiss kiss

Friday, June 15, 2007

Wendys World Art

I just found Wendy today! She left a comment and like I told you, I try to visit every site of each commentor. So come on leave me a comment!!!
I was thinking I should do something a little out of my norm. I love all the cottage stuff and of course the scrapbooking, but I also know that some of you may want a different inspiration at times.

Wendy has such cute designs and I love how she has made a business out of her talent so she can be home with her two toddlers. Two really cute toddlers I might add.

I always think I can paint something on canvas, then there's a rude awakening that happens when I try. Not pretty people. I did paint a treasure map on a large piece of canvas once for my son's should have seen me sweatin. Basically brown blobs for islands. But my son thinks it's cool and no one see's his room anyway. So it's all good.

Now if I had only known Wendy, I bet she can paint a mean treasure map. She does personalized paintings too. Like the one below. Hey! My Son's name is Lucas! No wonder I chose that one. :)

She also makes some other cute things, but I was focused on the paintings. So go visit her and remember..........tell her I sent you. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Amy Mowbray!

If you haven't been to Amy's blog...........go! She has so many resources for everything that needs to be organized. She really needs to be my neighbor, cuz I'm sure she would love to organize my scraproom since I am sure there is not one thing out of place in her house and surely she must be bored.
I love her cards! I'm new to her blog and she could be a hall of famer for all I know..........but I do know I love her cards and layouts. (I know.........I'm really bad at knowing "names" in the scrap industry..........I just know what I like)

Her layouts have such great balance.
Another great card. Such great ideas.
And how can you not fall in love with this layout? Love the buttons, the doodling.... Very very cute.

Amy has so much more on her blog than scrap related stuff. She has a ton of downloadable forms to make your life run smoother. She has a list of blogs for organizing. So much information. Thanks Amy. Wanna come visit?

Hey, Todays Creative Blog readers..............I'm gearing up for a giveaway..........stay tuned. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kandy Kisses

I am SO glad I had a boy!

Because I would have had to buy several of these outfits since I can't sew my way out of a paper bag.

I had no idea that little girl fashions were, cute and just down right amazing! I would love a pair of pants like those below..........but somehow I don't think they would look so cute on my behind.
Laurie is a homeschooling mom of 5........Ok, Laurie........when do you have time for everything? Please tell me your kitchen floor is dirty.

Her house is probably perfect too. :)

Her oldest son is graduating from highschool and she made this cool cupcake tower. I want to try this.
She seems like such a cool mom. She has to be cool. How can you not be cool if you're wearing these boots?

Can't wait to see more from her. I bet she is way crafty.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Red Roof! Tin Roof................rusted! .......................You caught me singing that old B52s song. That's what I sing everytime I visit her site.

BINGO! Wouldn't you love a few of these beauties?

You know I don't even know her name and maybe that's the way she likes it, but I love looking at her old family layouts. Now this is what scrapbooking is all about. I am so jealous of the family she came from. They look like such a great group of people. I love the one of her grandmother showing her muscle! You go girl.

Look at that cabinet! Holy cow! I want it.

I love how she altered these coffee cans. That is so creative. Perfect I am thinking for one of those end of the year teacher gifts.

She LOVES glitter. It's everywhere.

Monday, June 11, 2007


You probably thought I was too exhausted to post tonight didn't you? You can read about my camping trip on my personal blog Then you'll know just how tired I am. :)
While cruising through my blog list, Stephanies caught my eye because of this bed spring thingy. If it's not a bed spring, let me just say I'm sorry, but it jolted a memory for me, plus it's so dang cute I can hardly wait to try and steal the idea.
The memory and story always sends my husband into hyterical laughter..........he's a city boy. I grew up in Central Oregon. We had just had a house built in the high desert. While moving in, my dad hooked up the TV so us kids would have something to do and hopefully wouldn't be bothering my parents while they were so busy unpacking and such. Well, back in the day, we didn't have cable in Central Oregon, you had to use an antenna..........and my Dad thought he could just prop it up against the house instead of climbing to the roof...........but that didn't he saw an old pile of stuff.......not uncommon out in the toolies........and one item was an old bed springs...........Yep, he hooked the TV up to it, propped it up and it worked great. So when the channel wouldn't come in clear, one of us would go out and jimmy the springs....maybe that's where my love of vintage decor comes from???.........ahh memories. Maybe I'll tell you about floating down the irrigation ditch in a burnin......not burninG, but burniN barrel someday...... Thanks Stephanie

Oh, that's right, this post is about Stephanie. Not me and my back country ways.........

Stephanie has a great scrap style! I love how she does the one photo thing, but seems to really document an important mile stone, event, etc....

She's a busy momma, about to get busier in about 8 months. But for some reason I think she'll be just fine. She seems to have tons of energy and zest for life.

Go check her out. Tell her I sent you. :)

Friday, June 8, 2007

Peace Out

No posts for the weekend, the wilderness is calling my name. Camping time.

Erin at The Vintage Pearl!

I don't know exactly how I stumbled upon Erin and her delicous handmade jewelery, but I remember thinking to myself "oooh, I love her stuff........make sure to feature her!"

When I went to find her again, I couldn't find her site anywhere. I searched for a few days. I couldn't remember a name or where I had found her in the first place. Today, she had left me a comment on my personal blog . I try to respond to all comments and when I clicked on hers and her site popped up I jumped out of my chair. My poor cat Peaches about had a heart attack. I really should move her bed out of my scraproom.


here are a few of Erin's creations.

She sells on ebay and of course Etsy. She has 3 cute little children and a husband that just earned his Masters. Where she finds the time to create is beyond me, but I'm so glad she does. Her son even sold a couple of bracelets that he designed himself on ebay. I may have to break my "no bracelets" rule and wear one of these. (can't stand anything around my wrists..........I must have been tortured in a previous life) :)

I found a few great photos too. I love a photo when it makes me think differently. This is such a cool shot.

And look at these jeans! She made these! Yes she did. She sold them on ebay. What a cute idea.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

vote for Nancy

Vote for Nancy Jones, a blog friend........and she was featured here.........she is in a Scrapbook contest. ScrapBook Idol.
The only draw back is that you have to register........but it's quick. Once you register, go to Forums, then SCRAPBOOK LIFESTYLE.........then find Nancy's name.......NANCY JONES. Click and you've voted for her.

Amy at Poppy and Ivy!
Amy is a doll!
I know, because I met her today! Her store is just as cute. Poppy and Ivy sits on a cute little corner on a hip little street..........NE Alberta in Portland Oregon.
I have been reading Amy's blog for a couple of months and have been meaning to stop in to her shop after one of my classes. Well, today I did. Instead of going home to shower, I showed up all sweaty and smelly. But she has lots of yummy scented candles, so hopefully I didn't stink up the place. Vintage flair mixed with a few new items. The red walls with the shabby white counter sucked me in. I bought a cute wire basket and a couple of candles that she swears by.
She has the most interesting works of art. They have bee's wax over the top. I had never seen this sort of thing. Love them. I want to learn how to do this.
Amy's blog and shop are full of her craftiness. She shares the joys and stresses of owning a little shop and takes you along for the ride. Her blog is a fun read. She's pretty funny. I enjoyed meeting her so much. I felt like we had known each other for a long time.

Look at these cute tags? Darling! She had some others there that she stitched a few buttons on. CUTE! I told her she really needs to sell on Etsy.
I wanted this sconce. I may have to go back and get it.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Autumn with Creative Little Daisy

It's time to feature Autumn!
Autumn's blog was one of the first blogs I started to read. I was first drawn in because of her ability to paint furniture. Then as I hung out a while longer, I quickly realized that she was one of the most amazing seamstress' I had have seen. She has no idea how talented she really is. And what kills me, is that she just started sewing a few years ago! She is my inspiration........maybe I too will learn to sew one day.

Love this little clock she altered to go with her re-decorated sewing room.
Look at this stencil she did for this pillow! Such precision. She also did some other art pieces for her living room.
Autumn sells her creations on Etsy. She has such a great variety.
She doesn't stop..............check out this cute little felt number. She must have the patience of a saint. All that stitching. (now you know why I don't patience)
And could this apron be any cuter? She has lots and lots of others in different colors and combinations.
She jokes that she has finally made herself a purse. Darling! She also has so many styles of purses. I must figure out which one I want.

Not only can she do crafty things with fabric, but she has a real flair for decorating. Simple, pure, warm.
You know how I love before and after shots. Here's her kitchen......before and after. I love them both. And, yes she painted those chairs.
love the look of all this fabric.

And this! SWEETNESS! This is in her sewing room. My friends would never come over again if I was Autumn, because I would be parading around saying "look, look.......I made this........and this.........oh and there's this and we can't forget this"
But Autumn is so humble, like I said..........she has no idea how talented she is.

Autumn, I know you're kind of shy, but you know I love your style. So I had to share you with everyone else.