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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weekend Stamper

I'm not much of a stamper. Sure, I have a few stamps and I own a few ink pads..........but I don't feel very talented creating with stamps. I just plop images down on paper and hope for the best.

But Happy Emilia or at the Weekend Stamper is a Stamp Goddess.
She is someone I'd love to take a class from. Her cards are more than just stamping. She also paints on them. Don't you think her cards look so original? Her cards remind of illustrations from a children's book. They really have their own style...........Paper Crafts magazine should really scoop this girl up.
What I am really loving about her blog is her step by step instruction. So, if you are new to stamping or card can follow along. I get some great ideas from her and the way she uses her stamps. Brilliant I tell ya.

. You know I love a fake topiary! These are so cute I could eat them......well maybe not EAT them. But did you notice the corks? If I'm going to do this project, I'm gonna need to drink some wine. That's my kind of project.
You must go see............Click HERE


Emilia said...

oh my... I am thrilled to see my blog introduced by you!
I like my the step-by-step pictures too because it save me from typing too much in my blog :-)
Thank you Thank you Thank you
I will tell my friend about your blog!

Happy Emilia

Ali said...

what a lovely blog and such gorgeous stamps & cards!!

Sara Mincy said...

So cute!

Julie said...

Emilia ia awesome!! What a beautiful profile you wrote!