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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Anna Bowkis with Pencil Lines

Did you think I was lost? I returned home late Sunday evening (cuz I have some classes to teach this week) after leaving my son and husband to continue their vacation at the lake. I have 3 days completly to myself. Have I scrapped? Have I used this time to organize the playroom? NO! I got sucked into my book and couldn't put it down. Reading is bad for you! Bad for consumes me.

PENCIL LINES WITH ANNA BOWKIS (click on her name) my inspiration comes from a sketch blog. Lord knows I need a kick in the pants to get scrappin again. A good sketch always seems to do the trick. Get's me over that hump.

I love this site because she has guest sketches from "normal" scrappers like myself and from "celebrity" scrappers. But what I love the most is seeing so many finished variations of the featured sketch. Diversity.........isn't that a great word? Diversity.

Now I must scrap!

See her site HERE


domestic goddess said...

so pleased you love Pencil Lines, cannot wait to see your creations!!
anna x

Gio said...

I've just discovered your's wonderful and your artworks are amazing. Bravissima!
Gio, Italy

Tracy said...

Hello! My first visit here--what a great place you have here featuring so many artists! I look forward to coming back to read more. This post on was especially fun. Recently I've been doing some more paper crafting and enjoying it again. Thanks for the inspiration links! Happy Day! :o)

Tracie said...

My friend Pauline uses Pencil Lines all the time!! One day when I start to scrap on a regular basis, I plan to utlize sketches, they so rock!!

Tracie said...
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ania said...

That's cool, it really is amazing to see the diversity of the layouts coming from just one sketch :)

Amanda said...

Love Pencil Lines so much!!!