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Sunday, August 12, 2007

enabler alert

Mish Mash

I'm horrible when it comes to bargains. I must share. It's not a blog, but it's creative at least.

Recently I found out that Amanda who owns SCRAPMUSE, an online scrapbooking store and community, moved in down the street. You can imagine what that means to a crazed scrapbooker like myself, without a decent store near by. She invited me and a couple of friends............or maybe I just told her when we would be there..........can't remember the details. :)

She has lots and lots of stuff that had me oooohing and stomach was doing flip flops. Then she shows me all her past kits selling for only $10! The embellishments alone in these kits is worth more than that. In a couple of my embellishment packs, I got Maya Road chipboard, MM letter rub ons, Basic Grey rub ons, etc...... My favorite kit I found is the one I am showing here. Sure the paper may be a few months old, but I'm not a "scrap fashionista" so I was happy as a clam. And Bazzill paper never goes out of style for me. So if you love a bargain, good paper and quality embellishments, head over to ScrapMuse now to see what she has left.

OK, now I know that I have been tagged a couple of times. Is it the 8 random things one?

Sorry, I haven't gotten to it here it goes.

1. I'm a late bloomer..........I didn't get married til I was 36. Didn't have my son until I was 37.

2. Blogs without photos........I don't get it.....and I always turn the music off on blogs that have it.

3. I love summer. I get irritated this time of year when everything seems to be about summer ending, school starting...........and we have a good 4 or 5 weeks of real summer left. Let's enjoy it.

4. I can't stand the sound of someone brushing their teeth.

5. I am never finished decorating.

6. I have no idea how much our mortgage is.

7. Some people think I am too safety minded.

8. I love it when my featured blog authors are as excited as I am..........and mention it on their blogs.

Have a great Sunday!


Sarah and Jack said...

Is ANYONE ever finished decorating? LOL

grover said...

i hear ya on the blog music..

Amanda said...

Thanks so much for the props K! I really enjoyed having ya'll over! We have to scrap together sometime too! (and I'm totally with you on the blog music!)

Julie said...

ha ha - you are not too safety minded if you don't know how much your mortgage is! You sound as normal...or would that be abnormal ?? as the rest of us!

hope you know I am just poking fun and trying to get you to laugh!

Laurie said...

Can I just say "Ditto!" for #3. I am an educator and all summer long that's all I hear is how fast the summer is going by. It starts on July 1st believe it or not. I'm continually reminding people that September is a summer month too and October can be quite lovely as well, even in Mn! Just discovered your blog yesterday and bookmarked it. I can tell it's a good one!