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Friday, August 17, 2007

Penny with Lavendar Hill Studio

Penny, Penny, Penny, she makes pretty pretty pretty...............MOSIAC EVERYTHING! You can see her site HERE ~ Lavendar Hill Studio Penny is a sweet sweet woman who is so talented. She specializes in a Shabby look with such an eye for detail. She has her creations for sale on her website and has such a variety of decorative pieces for your home. If you are a chandelier kind of person, then you will love her one of a kind designs. Didn't I say she did mosiac on EVERYTHING? That is so cute! Talk about original.

The top of this table is beautiful. Can't you see yourself having a tea party on this? I will never look at plates the same from now on.
I got so excited to see her studio! I love it. I love to see where people work. It's so artistic, so french looking.......although I have never been to's so creative!
Another look at one of her tables. What a conversation piece.
Penny holds talents other than smashing plates..........she has a great tutorial on stenciling your floors. How cool!
I was expecting her home to be filled with pink, weren't you? This is her living room below. Looks like it's out of a magazine.

Go visit Penny and don't forget to check out her other site too. Especially if you want one of these little beauties for yourself.



Penny Carlson said...

Thank you Kim!

Splaneyo said...

Really amazing! I am headed back for more.

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Kim, love your blog, found out about it through Penny's site. I'll visit back often to see what other creative people you feature. All the best.

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh, love those tables! Must go check it out.

My Pink Boutique said...

Great post and a great blog! Penny's work is delightful.


meg said...

hi kim.
she is very talented. i love mosaics. it's therapeutic to do.
just wanted you know...on the list of other bloggers on the side,,,it repeats a bunch from the top at the bottom...or did you mean to do that?
just in case you didn't know.
have a great weekend!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

oooh, thank you for the heads up on the link side bar. I have no idea why it's doing that. I'll try to figure that one out. :)

Nadine said...

Hi. I happened upon your blog from Southern Hospitality. I love the concept. Her table with broken dishes is very unique. I'll to come back again. Have a nice weekend.

Natasha Burns said...

Penny's work is just fabulous! Thank you for featuring such a talented artist! And she is so lovely too!!!

Garden_Antqs said...

Just found your blog through Penny's. Isn't her work beautiful! Very creative artist!!

Beth said...

Those mosaics are gorgeous!

Jolene George said...

Look at all those pretty things.
Don't you just want to sit for a spell in her very cozy living room. I love it. So warm and inviting.