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Thursday, August 16, 2007

House on Hill Road

Ask and you shall receive! I was checking out and look................LOOK!...........She's making Margaritas! That is my inspiration today. :) HOUSE ON A HILL
House on Hill road is filled with all kinds of lookie loo delights. She takes really good photos of her creations, which makes it all the better. The more I can see, the better.
She has a variety of crafty talents. Multi-dimensional craft girl.
She sews................Is that not the cutest apron you've ever layed eyes on? I would wear that making those margaritas (along with other clothes) .........the green in the limes match the ribbon........what more could a girl ask for. I can see myself walking out on the deck, holding 3 limes in one hand and a fancy colorful margarita class in the other and asking my guests if they want 2 squeezes or 3.

Her sewing/ crafty room. I love seeing fabric folded and organized. I don't sew, but I may start buying fabric just so I could store it like that. Such a great creative look.

Ahhhhhh..............Jars full of colorful craftyness.

This is the CUTEST IDEAS EVER!!! I am totally going to steal that one for Valentines day.......So cute!

And these buckets! Adorable! And you know, I bet they arn't that hard. My kind of craft. High lookie loo with not much difficulty. I get so many great ideas from all these blogs. Don't you?

edited** The buckets were done by her friend Meg ~ still amazing. And now I have Meg's site to visit. Whoo hoo!

Stunning..............what a cool wall. I really like it...........really really like it.

Another great blog will all kinds of nooks and crannies to find great inspiration.......enjoy!


Thank you all for the support and concern for my Mother inlaw. She is doing great. Home and resting. Also, thank you for all the comments in general. I appreciate every single comment. I love them. Keep them coming. Another Also.........did you see the quick poll I've added at the top? It will change weekly.


erin said...

Hi Kim - Wow! Thanks so much for the feature! I am not sure what else to say - I am kind of floored.

Just a note, the buckets you posted were made by my friend, Meg. ( She's a super talented lady! And I am lucky to be the owner of some of her gorgeous work.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Floored? Really? Are you sure it's not the margarita's? :)
I hope the feature brings a smile to your face and many others.

eydie said...

I am constructing a new studio/craft room, such neat ideas! I love the wall with all the H's, since I am a calligrapher, I love words and letters anyway!

Summers Camp said...

First off, I'm glad your MIL is doing well. And secondly, I LOVE that wall so much; I'm bursting with love for it! I am sooooo going to do that! *B

Splaneyo said...

I love this blog! I am with you on the margaritas - looks like she the good stuff. My kind of gal.

Sarah and Jack said...

The poll made me laugh this mushy brain morning.

In addition to talented, Erin is very kind. It makes me love her blog even more. :-)

Beth said...

*craft stuff
my kind of blog....

Summer Simmons said...

that sewing room is just to die for! i'm so glad that I found your blog. I just love it! Now I have to go sew an apron like that!!

Colton's Journey said...

ooooh I'm so inspired to put my sewing scraps in some organized fashion. Only if.... I just need a few more feet of room to put in a shelved unit like that! I'd love to a have a sewing niche' like that. Any suggestions when you have a tiny area on how to stay organized?