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Saturday, July 14, 2007

knee deep

I'll be dreaming of sitting on a few of these porches I have featured, sippin some sweet tea.......because today, we are hauling 3 yards of sand into our newly built frame to set up the swimming pool..............What? You think the pool should already be up?....................Long story. It's also our first weekend home since schools been out, so I will be sweatin it today getting things done. Not sure if I can muster a post today. But for those of you who need a trash to treasure fix, visit my personal site. I posted a few of my pieces from the last couple of years.
Happy Saturday! Do something creative!

Thanks so much for the wonderful comments! You all keep me inspired to keep this going. So comment away!


My name is Vanessa. said...

Just wanted to know that I enjoy both of your blogs. They are both right up my alley! Do you have any suggestions for starting a blog? I just started one this past week and it seems my in-laws are about the only ones who read it. I'm glad they do, but it's not exactly what I had in mind :) Anyway, thanks for your creative inspiration.

Splaneyo said...
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Splaneyo said...

Whew - I know all about haulin' sand. Last year we built a 10' x 10' sand box for our boys (5 & 3). Just like you, the sand was delivered at the front of the house and the sand box was, of course, at the very back of the house. I have two words for you - ICY HOT. The sand is never dry either, so it was wet, heavy sand. We dragged it on tarps, we schlepped it in garage cans and we rolled it in our garden cart. We did get in done in a day though. Would you like to know what the children have done with their beautiful, tent covered, custom sand box for the past year? Emptied it. Yes, they empty it and play in the 3' x 3' spot of dirt next to it. Nice hunh?

Thanks for stopping by my blog...but really, was it necessary to use that type of language - you know what I am talking about...the “P” word. I was going to sign off as “the panty hater”, but that doesn’t sound so good... ;)

Enjoy the rest of our weekend (you have probably finished hauling the sand while I was typing this) and just remember ICY HOT.


I had a typo and I just couldn't stand it! Plus, I wanted to make sure you knew I was joking about the "P" thing - sometimes my humor is, well, not funny...

Becca said...

Aw! That was so fun to visit your creative home too!