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Friday, July 13, 2007

Raised in Cotton

Carol, Denise and are living my dream!

My heart skips a beat everytime they show new photos of their shop. If I was anywhere near Raymore Missouri, I would be their best customer! Or the one who wouldn't leave.......making me the the most annoying customer.
These gals all met over 25 years ago while they were nurses, then decided to open up their own shop after antiquing it for years.

I wonder if they wrestle each other for their favorite items? "I saw it first!"

That's why I don't think I could ever open up a shop with anyone..........I would want it all for myself.........but then I guess I couldn't have a shop because everything would be in my house. Can you see that hanging chandelier? The one in the porch photo above. To die for!
I love the latest post. It's about one of their mothers, Stella Mae. I love that name and to be on a blog named Raised in Cotton...........doesn't get anymore perfect than that. Stella Mae sounds like she was quite the decor stylist herself. Sweet story.

I want this butterfly number........Carol made it! I want it Carol! I'll wrestle you for it!

Don't forget to visit both their blog and website. And if you're in Missouri, stop by and see their shop! I'm so jealous.


Sarah and Jack said...

LOL This is possibly pathetic, but I live in Missouri and I just had to google where Raymore was. All the way on the other side, sad but true.

paige said...

love your blog...i come everyday to find fun folks!!
LOVE the entry on tracy's shop with all the glamorous pink & black!!

capello said...

pshaw. they are right close to me. less than an hour away.

katiedid said...

What a great shop! Thanks for the post.

Splaneyo said...