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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Heather with SPLANEYO

I worked like a dog today and have found some time to sit and I DID have time to post a blog today.

Heather is so talented in so many areas. Heather's blog is filled with great recipes, beautiful cakes, lovely rooms and written with humor. You'll love her style.

I have been keeping a file on Heather for quite sometime. I was holding out for more, not sure why because her blog has lots of eye candy..........but I get so excited when she shares another one of her cakes, or one of her rooms, etc..... you get the idea. How does she do this? Heather, we want a tutorial please. These are amazing. Here I was so impressed with myself when I made my son's pirate ship cake........ everyone thought it was clever that it was a ship wreck. I never told them that it was just falling apart.....
Well today I got an email from Heather letting me know about her mom's site. Her mom is an amazing quilter. AMAZING. I'll be featuring her someday too. The file is started.
Below is Heathers Mud Room. I've always wanted a Mud Room. LOVE the red, the roosters, the black and the light. The floor is so dang cute. Who wouldn't want to sit on that bench and take your shoes off? Love this shot of her kitchen. That pot rack is as yummy as her cakes. I want that.
Her children's rooms are adorable. So creative. Is that an old chest of drawers that I see painted? A girl after my own heart for sure.

Heather has a great personality and has been so kind to visit and comment so many times. I love that. I always feel like I've made a new friend when someone comments more than once. You know what I mean?

I love the contrast with the green and yellow walls........then with all the blue plates. My mom collected Blue Willow. It never goes out of style.

I wish I could visit Heather in person. We would have so much fun. I'm sure she would make me a cake!


Pamela Posch said...

When you go to visit her stop by and pick me up too! I would love to see more of her beautiful home. Oh and some cake too!

Summers Camp said...

Those cakes are to die for! And I LOVE the kitchen AND that yellow dresser! One of these days when I get me a home...

Splaneyo said...

I would, I would make you a cake! I think it would have to be a bit sparkly, but nothing over the top. Do you like chocolate, or would you prefer lemon?
I am making another one next weekend for a party...I'll post some pictures if it doesn’t look like a ship wreck. =)

Thanks for the awesome feature!

PS I'll post something creative today - just for you!

restyled home said...

Love this choice!! Heather is a sweetie and I wish she lived next door to me...we'd have so much fun. Can you believe her cakes??? My favourite is the rose one...heavenly!! She is talented beyond words.

(by the way, hope you have better luck with the pool...soldier on, it will be worht it!!)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank you for posting about so many neat sites. I love to go visit them. I really like coming here! I find lots of inspiration. Thanks

Kari said...

You know, this woman's house is lovely, but THOSE CAKES!!!! I'm dying here. It's not that I WANT one, it's more like I NEED ONE. Wow. Thanks for sharing. I'm headed over to her site now, but had to comment on yours first (because I know just what you mean by making new friends thru commenting - funny how that works, isn't it?).

Going For Greatness said...

Fabulous blog I never knew you had!
Love how you spotlight people and their 'stuff!'
Heather's cakes look phenominal as does her home decor! I wish I had a husband who wasn't afraid of colour on the walls!!!

jbrealtor said...

I wouldn't even want to cut one of those cakes...they are just too perfect for words...maybe just sneak a little frosting where no one would notice! I love the color and style of her kitchen... maybe we could have coffee with our frosting there?

Becca said...

Wow! Those cakes are unreal! True art pieces! And her house is adorable too!

katiedid said...

What a great post! I love cooking and design, and this has both! I will be visiting it soon. Desserts are my vice. I wish I could make them myself! Lucky me...I have a wonderful bakery a block away to save me. One last thing...I thought for a minute that the kitchen picture was my old kitchen! Love it!