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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sibylle with Bylle's Train!

Thanks for your patience.........I'm back!
In honor of National Scrapbook day, I am focused on...................SCRAPBOOKING!

I love Sibylle's layouts. You know how I love circles and whitespace. She touches on all my scrappy quirks. I not sure if her style is what you would call whimsicle, folksy, comicbook style.......who needs to name it? I just like it! Alot!She is the mother of twin boys, so you can imagine how hectic her life can be. She offers small peeks into her daily life. Always whitty. Of course another down to earth gal.

Go give this mother some love.

1 comment:

Sibylle said...

Too sweet. Fancy seeing me here with all the other talents you've featured. thank you. And I'm laughing big time over the google quizes of the day.