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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Essence of the Modern Vintage Lifestyle with Heather!

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The Essence of the Modern Vintage Lifestyle

Ahh Heather.......she truely makes me green with envy. Where oh where do people get so talented? It's women like her that ooooz style. She couldn't hang a picture crooked if she tried and if she did, it would become the next stylish thing to do. There's no trying when she decorates, it just happens. How does she do it? Granted she is an interior she should be. How I wish she was my neigbor.

She threw a bridal shower for her daughter. I hope she called one of the decorating magazines to cover this event..........Martha? You should have been there. From looking at the photos, my jaw dropped not once, but several times. Details darling details.

Just so the other daughter didn't feel left out (hardly) she is throwing her a 16th birthday party and these little treasure bottles are part of the party displays. I guess this beats the pirate cake I did for my boy. :)
Look at that food! Perfect!
Her new website is coming soon. But not soon enough Heather..........come on we want to see!
She collects lots of vintage stuff including wall paper. I had no idea how cute old wall paper could be.
Go check out Heather and don't forget to tell her I sent you. :)


Merci-Notes said...

Hi Kim!
I agree, her event should have been covered by Martha somehow/somewhere! Wonderful! My son got a Lion king cake one year and the round cake was lopsided!!! No prob! We (Douglas and I did it together for his party) were building a mountain cliff, so we put down chocolate wafer cookies that looked like juting rocks out of the mountain! ah don't we ALL have such great memories of doing thoughtful/loving things for our kids at whatever point in life they are!
With KIndness,

paige said...

i love heather's site...her photography is wonderful and her designs are beautiful!

Jolene George said...

Boy were not kidding! I like to entertain, but boy does she know how to throw a party. It all looks amazing!

Jeanette said...

Heather is a great inspiration and I enjoy her site tremendously. And I'm truly enjoying this site, Kim! You sure do know how to seek these great sites out!

Naturegirl said...

Heather has far surpassed Martha in her skills and presentations. She is a real person not one who has a team behind her to make sure all the ~ t's are crossed~ I do like Martha but these days Heather has my attention!