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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Karen Burniston

Karen Burniston has me laughing so hard with her creative writing, that my son is usually running into my scraprom/computer area wondering what the commotion is.
Can you imagine having lunch with her? Funny girl. I would probably just sit there and say "OK, make me laugh.........say something funny."
I love all the funny family stories she shares, I can completly relate since our boys are around the same age. And her husband.............a funny man with great lips. Really....go see. A woman would die to have those lips.

I wish Karen would share more of her artistic scrappy talent with us. You can see more on her teaching website.
She is teaching a class for Rusty Pickle, she works with and shes teaching a ton of classes all over.
I was so lucky to meet her at the CK convention in Portland. I told her I was Kim and I read her blog all the time. She responds......"oh Kim from Cam Ass?" I'll forgive's really Camas, pronounced Camus... But, heck at least she knew who I was. :)
Love her scraproom. And you all know how I love before and after shots. Very very cool!So, when you need a quick pick me up, head on over to read a little Karen.


karen said...

Oooh! How exciting to be featured by Kim in Cam Ass! I stand by my pronunciation. If it were Cam-uhs then it would be SPELLED Camus! Duh. Heh.

I'm really not very funny at lunch.

You didn't mention how I'm huge in Europe! (They're all so skinny over there)

But seriously . . . MWAH! You made my day! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say how lovely your blog is. I've been by before and have enjoyed it so much. I realize you don't know me but I was tagged by two different people so I hope you don't mind but I'm tagging you. I'd love to learn more about you. You can find the rules on my site.

Jolene George said...

Love her scrapbook room...really beautiful!

Jenny Lilac said...

Karen does rock!

Sibylle said...

Totally love Karen. I've been a blog follower of hers for quite some time. She makes me laugh about as much as your fun blog inspires me. I'm so glad you featured her, she is the bomb!