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Friday, April 27, 2007

Meg at My LIttle Cottage!

Did you think I wasn't going to post today? No's your fix. :)

I have been visiting Meg's Little Cottage for over a year I think. I am in awe of her simple homey approach. Love the whole slipcover look in her living room. I love that she is a crafty girl who see's the beauty in painting up furniture. I LOVE painted furniture.......which I am sure you have realized by now. It can be simple, or whimsical........I love it all.I could see myself reading a magazine in this room...........can't you? Sippin on a glass of iced tea? With lemon?

A before and......... an after..........LOVE IT!
Another reason I love Meg, is that she has naturally curly hair...........just like me. :) Curly and Crafty, now that's a combination. But the MAIN reason............she has a RED DOOR! You know how I love a red door. :)


Meg said...

Thank you so much, Kim! This truly has made my evening. I love your creative blog idea, it's inspiring every day. Thanks for thinking of me, and for showing all the nice photos. Have a great weekend. Meg

becky said...

beautiful! love meg's style!

Merci-Notes said...

MEG! It's me Mary!!! I was reading the post and thought , Ya I love painted furniture also..Hey i painted a rocjking chair like that!!! There it is. I am so happy! Now everyone can see how LOVELY your HOME is! KIM! Thank you for featuring her!!!
With Kindness,

Jolene George said...

Meg's is one of my favorite blogs. She has amazing style. So glad you chose her!

Merci-Notes said...

Hi Kim! Did you know that you are responsible for Meg and I finding each other in "blog land"?!!! A million thank yous! And did you know that I have painted many pieces for her? She made a post about it the other week! I wish all of you could meet Meg in person for she is the sweetest and dearest person and she knows how to have the best fun!
Thanks again!
With Kindness,