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Friday, July 16, 2010


Before I introduce today’s feature, I thought it was high time I got off my rump and chose a June winner for the Lisa Leonard necklace.  June’s winner is CHAR WITH CRAP I’VE MADE

One more thing before I set you loose for creative goodness…..I’m now a contributor for The Daily Brainstorm.  Check it out!image


I just can’t help it.  So many crafty creative women that I got to meet at the GNO (girls night out) in Utah.  I just gotta feature another one.

Every Crafty Endeavor

Amanda’s on the left….right next to me, then Stephanie and then Topsy Turvey….imageShe is such a cutie patootie.  Loved her hair……I went the whole night not even knowing she was pregnant….I hate it when pregnant women have a better figure than me.  But the justice in all this is that she’s got a 10 mo already…….evil laugh.  :)  


She makes the sweetest stitched family portraits.  And she’s cheap very reasonable.  imageYes, she sells them….better get your order in now before she’s got 2 babies to run after.imageShe dabbles in all things creative.  My favorite kind of gal.  She’s been making these cute charm necklaces………and I think she’s doing a giveaway.  image  And you know I love a gal who can walk the isles of Goodwill with vision.  She found this poor little table just screaming to be spruced up. image   Unbelievable transformation!  She’s on a blue kick…….you’ll have to head over and see what else she’s painted blue.imageAnother fun re-do…….this one not so sad looking, but it is oak…….shudder….Paint the oak! Paint the oak!  Say it with me people…….imageIt’s not blue, but it’s perfect!  A little spray paint and it’s just perfect.  Love it. imageWhile we're talking spray paint……I must admit, I’ve never thought about spray painting a canvas bag…….until now.imageShe’s got a tutorial……gotta love that.image

Now one tutorial she’s got on her site…….I am SO excited for.  I have wanted to play with EnviroTex forever.  It totally intimidates me.  But she’s got a pretty good tutorial…….imageShe made these tiles for her bathroom with it.   I’m ready…….I know I can do it now.image 
And if you’re just not the crafty kind…..she’s got great recipes too.  I’m sure you eat.

   These cheddar biscuits look pretty good…….Numm numm num.image   

Alright everyone.  Do what you do best.  Enjoy!

Enter my monthly Lisa Leonard giveaway by leaving a comment on any of the July posts….the more you comment the better your chances.  image I’d also LOVE it if you’d join my Google friend and Google feed.  I’m obsessed.



Melissa C said...

Love the Goodwill table & the blue is fantastic!

lizibeth said...

ooo, thanks so much for featuring her!
I have a feeling she'll become one of my favorites (I am running after two babies too!). <3

malia said...

ok i MUST have one of those portraits... darling! and you look like jennifer aniston.

Kara said...

Love Amanda!! Glad you featured her today, she's a sweetie!

Tomas said...

I love the creativity, specially the background.

Susan said...

The EnviroTex intimidates me too. But, I really like those tiles!!! May have to give that a try myself.

Kim -today's creative blog said...

Malia- you crack me up......did my sister put you up to saying that? She always teases me about looking like Jennifer Aniston. Maybe if I lose another 30lbs.....

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! What a fun Friday surprise!! Thank you so much for featuring my blog today and for all the sweet things you said. Don't be intimidated by Enviro Tex - just mix it really well and you will do just fine!!

and it is really funny that you said that about oak - my husband works with wood and HATES to have it painted but if I bring home something oak - he never says one word when I break out the spray paint!! funny.

Teresa said...

Oh how much FUN did you girls have!
Such a TREAT to all get together!
What a crafty gal this is!
I just can't imagine living a life that CRAFTY!
Girls like this just amaze me!!!!
Truly they do!
Love the furniture re-dos!
ANd oh!
I thought that was Jennifer Anniston up in that photo! ;o)
Love you sweet Kim!
You ROCK!!!!! xoxoxoxox

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Totally bummed I missed the get together and meeting you and seeing Amanda again!

Totally thrilled I won the giveaway!


simpledaisy said...

Love the blue table!!! It's my favorite color!

Patti said...

I'm entrigued by the Envirotex too.....& so many other things she created! WOW!

Lisa said...

I just found your blog and I LOVE it. Your layout is beautiful and what a great way to get a glimpse of so many bloggers out there! Thanks!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

LOVE the stitched family portraits!
Thanks for sharing this.

Julie said...

Love the painted oak! Cute stuff:)

amy smart said...

What, Amanda is pregnant?? I only met her briefly and she was such a sweetheart. So fun to discover her blog and all the talent there!

And how is it that Char is on such a roll with all the stuff she's winning?? Luckee.