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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winner Winner Cheeseburger Dorito Dinner

First of all……..don’t buy those.  Cheeseburger Doritos.  Gross.  While I was away at my scrapbook retreat, my husband and son went a little crazy with the junk food.  I came home to a bag of Cheeseburger Doritos…..a bag of Spicy Midnight Taco Doritos, a box of donuts with only the cake ones left, a few empty bottles of full sugar sprite littering the family room…… I tried a few Cheeseburger Doritos, even though I’m not supposed to eat many carbs.  GROSS! 

OK…….the winner of the apron at SWIZZLESTIX is ……..

Anita Cory from the Cory Connection………a fellow Washingtonian.  Anita, please email me.

And EVERYONE!  Please check the last two weeks winners.  They have not contacted me. 

last weeks winner

2 weeks ago winner


Sarah said...

Congrats to the winner! Hope you had fun at your girl's weekend. We missed you!
God's blessings,
Sarah :D

Megan said...

You're right, those Doritos are GROSS!!! The pickle aftertaste would not go away!

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Too funny! I can't stop eating the cheeseburger Doritos!!!!!

Haidee said...

Your silly... My boys @ home are the same too. but i never tried those doritos.

Kathryn said...

I have never tried Cheeseburger Doritos don't sound appealing, but am not going to buy any more Doritos as I don't like their new round of commercials with all the slapping. I feel sorry for parents of young kids that watch them - you try to teach your kids that hitting is wrong and they then see it on TV and think it is cool. At least when it is a TV show, like the Power Rangers, you can just chose not to watch the program...not so with a commercial.

Samigurumi said...

i've never even heard of cheesburger doritos, maybe we dont get them in the UK. Theres lots of stuff we dont get here, but maybe we're better off without cheeseburger doritos

TracyJ said...

Ha-ha! My hubby came home with those too! I LOVE doritos, but only ate one. I agree - they are NASTY!

Jenn said...

OMG...cheeseburger Doritos are my FAVORITE!!! LOL! :) Congrats to the winner!