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Monday, March 1, 2010

Gettng Inspired

Oh boy I had a great time at the scrapbooking retreat. I scrapped 27 layouts! I usually only get about 15 done, but I have simplified my style ……or just don’t care as much…….I mean really…,.. as long as I make it somewhat pleasing to the eye, get the journaling down…….isn’t that what really matters?

Well if I was as talented as my featured blogger……..I would feel a little more pressure…….or would I? Because I’m sure it’s NO pressure for her to come up with all this gorgeous stuff. I’m pretty sure it comes second nature to a girl like Rhonna Farrer. Her name should be Rhonna Inspiration boom boom Farrer. She’s cute too.

If you’re a scrapbooker, or a digi scrapbooker……you’d have to be dead if you didn’t know who Rhonna was.

She is one of the most talented designers out there. I first fell in love with her whimsical romantic style a few years ago. Then she really got into the digi scene and that’s when I just sat back and watched. Even though she has some fabulous tutorials on her sites….I was still too mesmerized to follow along. Recently, she joined forces with a couple of other big scrapbook names and started House Of 3. Great stuff. Many directions to keep you inspired and most of all……….learning. She also joined forces with one of my favs……Margie “kiss kiss” Romney for Spark. A small and intimate Inspiration conference.

Rhonna is everywhere……….then when I’m feeling like just another blog out there, SHE posted something on my Get Your Craft On. She even said she LOVES my blog on Twitter. ME! Now I have made it. :)

Because Rhonna is so much more than scrapbooking…….and is really good at the whole digi thing…….she has a few blog designs. I even bought a blog banner digi set from her and used it on my personal blog for awhile. She even shows you what to do.image She also shows you how to create and use wonderful elements for digital creations. Still way over my head………but someday. image

But one thing I could figure out is this free tutorial and download for address wraps. I could have used something like this for our neighborhood Christmas gifts.

imageOr how about dressing up your canned goods? I can’t remember, but I think you can download this label too.imageShe’s giving weekly updates on what’s going on at House of 3. It’s truly your destination for inspiration……….well after you stop at my blog of course.imageI know this is Christmas stuff……..but it’s so cool. So unique. She has a full tutorial on how to make these mason jar snow globes…….but don’t shake them.image Speaking of Unique…..she saw a necklace online and decided to make one herself……..she even shared it with us with a full tutorial. This came from her Summer Projects DIY. So fun!imageShe’s a girl after my own heart…….she loves spray paint too. image

Head on over and let her know I featured her. Just think how cool I’ll look then. :) I know you’ll fall in love her.

This cool post is brought to you by the coolest camera bag and accessories girl out there. Priddy Creations.



Anonymous said...

Amazing designs!

KateB said...

R and HO3 is pretty cool-I bought stuff from them that's still waiting for me to use it! But I'm just glad you had a great weekend and got some stuff accomplished!

Nancy W said...

Great Post, I am a huge Rhonna and HO3 fan and when she stops by at my blog I get all star struck. She is simply a genious and an incredible designer! Glad you did this awesome post on her! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

alicia.king said...

i love all of Rhonna's work! she's amazing!

Teresa said...

I am delighted you featured Rhonna!!!
I have been mesmerized by her for quite sometime now!!!
I have never understood the 'digital' when she speaks of "strokes with brushes" and such! that you featured this...I am going back over there and like majorly studying all of her fabulous...ness!!!
You are right...she is oh so CUTE!!
The designs are just scrumptious!!
Wow!!! You have MADE IT!!! ;o)
So delighted she admitted to the world that she adores TCB!! ;o)
Cute cute!!
I will for sure pop over and send her sweet kisses from TCB!!
Can you tell I have had too much coffee...I am like typing 1000 words a minute...have no clue if I am leaving behind MAJOR typo and grammo mistakes!!! ;o)
Glad to hear you had a fab time scrapbooking!
Oh how I wish I could scrapbook!!!!
Looks like so much fun!
Doogan says to tell miss Mabie...he is planning to FEATURE his GIRLS...(only has 3)...on the blog on Wednesday!!!! Tell her NOT to get jealous...she is his only WA state gal! xxooxx!
Happy day Sweet Kim!!!!

SDVJULS said...

absolutely beautiful work.. inspires me to get my scrapbooks up to date.

Rhonna Farrer said...

soooo completely honored!thanks so much Kim & EVERYONE!

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

Ohhh~ I love her designs! I have to stop by her blog again now that I see her featured!

simpledaisy said...

I need more hours in the day!!
That all looks awesome:)

KK said...

Bummer. All free downloads open only to the 1st 100. A day late & a dollar short! :(

Traci said...

She is so super cool and inspirational and so are you!