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Sunday, December 20, 2009


I’m actually on the ball enough to post the winner for the book I gave away for Friday’s Fabulous Giveaway.  Winners for the banner have been notified.

Anyone who has Captain Crunch Stuffed french toast as part of her Christmas tradtion AND only does hand made gifts….AND is making a wardrobe for a special needs little girl in need…surely deserves to win.

GREEN Honey HIve  They are also junkers.  If you dig a bit, you’ll find some treasure.  Love the black cabinet they did. 

Check back tomorrow as I step back in time.

1 comment:

greenhoneyhive said...

Thank you so very much... I am sure in our house this book will be much loved and treasured...My husband has been itching to learn to sew and this might give him so simple sewing project he can tackle on his own without me bruising his ego...Again tahnk you so much