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Thursday, September 24, 2009

V and Co.

Look what I found clicking through all your links you all posted on Get Your Craft On.  And you thought I started that to bring you more inspiration & excitement didn’t you?  Well it’s actually another way to find great features.  (insert wicked laugh)

I swear….well not really……..but I was certain I had already featured her….but I didn’t see the “featured button” ….that all featured bloggers post….ahem ….then I did a search on my own blog and she didn’t pop up……….so a feature is born.  V and Co.  What caught my eye on the link she shared with us on Get Your Craft On was the Pottery Barn looking decorative balls.

2009 08 17_8485_edited-1

This doesn’t require sewing, so I am all over it!  I can spray paint like a pro and I own a glue gun…….I think I might even have a ball of twine around here………sure I do……….buried in my craft room somewhere.

2009 08 15_8453_edited-1

She shows a step by step TUTORIAL!!!!  Easy peasy….these look good!  Thank you V for adding your link to my Mcklinky.

2009 08 15_8460_edited-1I am really enjoying all the before and afters I’ve been finding lately.  I might even say I’m addicted to them.  They bought a house that needed a bit of work……a diamond in the rough you might say.  100_0505Who is Gods name would paint this color on the outside of a home like this? 

Well if they were bold enough to make such a decision…….certainly adding MORE blue inside would be perfect.  I think they were eating too many “brownies” and watching Trading spaces.  But V and her husband could see the future for this house….Something shiny caught their eye.100_0494

TaDa!!!  Would you look at the transformation?  You would never NEVER know it was the same house!  I bet their neighbors wanted to kiss them when they brought the property value up in the neighborhood.  You know what else?  Just a hunch that she’s from Utah?  You know how I can tell?  No no no, it’s not the glue gun, it’s not the children…’s that star……every house I saw this summer has a star.  I love them…..most are black I noticed…….I want one.

2009 08 23_8597_edited-1

Speaking of that gaggle of children she has….they’re darling little buggers……..You’ll have to read her post on this photo below.  I just about pee’d my pants.  Those are her sons taking a Mud bath……..and she was cool enough to not freak out when she discovered them.

2009 06 29_7419_edited-1


She has more tutorials on her site than you can shake a stick at.  And she sells all her patterns in her Etsy shop.   She’s a busy girl.

2008 12 17_4339_edited-1

Who doesn’t love a fabric flag banner?  Everyone LOVES them…………good thing there’s a tutorial.2009 02 06_4966_edited-1

My Mormon sister made me a braided rug a few years ago.  I loved it!  She should make me another……..Kacie are you reading?

2009 02 21_5169_edited-1

A fun tutorial that made me a little giddy was this farm sign.  Tutorial!!!!


2008 10 03_3210_edited-1 copy

Hey!  I have those letters!  Perfect idea to trace them. 

2008 10 03_3202 

OK, ladies…… all did SO good leaving comments for my featured bloggers.  Don’t break your cycle…….head over and leave her a ton too.  While you’re there, hang out for a bit…….look for her story about the kids and the mud….  Enjoy your day.


Tomorrow is Fabulous Friday Giveaway day!  See you there.


V and Co. said...

thank you mam! i think you are pretty swell and i'm honored to be able to put your featured button on my sidebar!

NancyJones said...

OH I LOVEEEE HER STUFF! (I have those letters too) I have been eyeballing those bandanna skirts for Bella bug and some of the other tutorials she has she makes it look so easy. you know I dont sew hahahaha. but she makes it so easy. even for THUMBS here. (I can glue)
coolio chicky!!

GREAT CHOICE!! Your sooo good at this!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Vanessa's blog! She does make the cutest patterns, and I've have those decorative balls bookmarked for awhile now. Such a great idea!

Jessie Lathroum said...

SOO cute! Lovin your blog, I hooked up some link love with your blinky button! Stop by and take a peek! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Woowww! V and Co. Just darling! So happy to see.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Excellent - she is one of my favorites!!

Elisabeth said...

Where does everybody get those big letters she used to make the sign?
I love Vanessa and all that she does, she's my craft/decorating guru!

rachel griffith said...

i heart vanessa.
not just for her craftyness, but because she is an amazing woman and i'm glad to call her my friend.

{p.s. you should go back further in her blog and read about the time she chased her flip the snow. HAHAHA.}

congrats on the feature v.
i want to fly to utah right this second and you know, maybe saddle up meatloaf & sloppy joe and paint the town red with ya.

Julie @ Little One-of-a-Kind Design said...

LOVE V & Co! neat ideas and style oooozing out everywhere!

Nancy @ Live love laugh said...

She has a wonderful blog and the best generous! Gotta visit every day!