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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life in the Fun Lane

Where am I finding these people lately?  They are NOT making me feel good about myself…….I find myself coveting their style……I couldn’t turn around, I had to share her with you all. 

I’ve always wondered if anyone really lived with all white furnishings…… seeing that style in a magazine, and actually fantasize about decorating like that……….then reality hits me up side the head as my son spits out juice across the kitchen because he’s laughing at his friend who forgot about the mud on his pants when he sat down.  Then there’s the puppy who happens to be black……..but she doesn’t really shed, but her paws do get dirty……..muddy………and we are still teaching her to stop so we can wipe her feet, and we’re still teaching her NOT to roll in raccoon poop, then jump on my WHITE bed.  So really……an all white house just isn’t the best idea for my lifestyle at this time……….but she’s young, hip…….just had a baby……and can probably handle stress better than me…let the fun begin.

Maybe that’s why she named her blog Life in the Fun Lane?  The girl loves white!  Loves it and she pulls it off brilliantly. 

Starting with her wedding.  Can you imagine how beautiful it was?  Her dress was to die for…’ll see it when you visit her blog.

 004-8 She sells most her furniture…….she’s made a nice little business out of it.  You can actually buy some of these pieces…….if you live near her. White Berry……I love that name.

whiteberry Like this piece……….oh, you don’t want that ugly old hutch bottom?  Picture11994

Are you sure?  Seriously……..have you ever seen anything more spectacular?  This is the poster child for Painting your Furniture.  This is for sale for only $1400. 


Or what about this?  Pretty pathetic isn’t it? 


Hello gorgeous……..adding the labels does it for me.Picture11854

Can you handle the truth?  Of course you can…….Dark wood like this below is UGLY!  Look away…..


Ok, now you can breath.  So purdy.

Picture12005 One more?  Ok…..twist my arm……Picture11943

Once again………simply amazing.  Don’t be surprised if you start drooling.


She took a few cast offs……..and with a flick of the wrist she created this wicked arrangement. 

Picture11970   I thought it was from a magazine……Isn’t that fun?  The girl’s got skilz…..She shows a tutorial on how she made all these photos and such.Picture11991 She also shows you bits of her home…… her master bedroom……….BEFORE.

018      And after…….Love that head board….looks so relaxing.Picture 739

And her daughters room…….the Martha Poms are so perfect don’t you think?  Brilliant.


Whew……..I’m exhausted……This post took it out of me.  Way too much excitement.   Please head over and leave her a ton of comments so she’ll think my blog is pretty cool too. 


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E said...

This is exactly what I needed to see today! Yesterday at my local Goodwill I saw a retro piece that I just wasn't sure about if I was ready to tackle it, but I am on my way to check out Life in the Fun Lane for inspiration and then to Goodwill!

The DIY Show Off said...

I love Holly's style and makeovers. She's amazing!

Thanks for always sharing - I enjoy discovering new blogs and seeing highlights of the ones I do visit. :)


linda said...

Love the transformations!! Beautiful job!

Anonymous said...

i found her not too long ago and fell in LOVE...she is one of my favorite blogs and very inspiring!

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Gorgeous transformations!! Lovely decor!

Saucy said...

These stylin' ladies and their all-white houses! Gives me the hankerin' to redecorate. Another good find, Miss Kim!

Hey, heads up to your readers: Build-A-Bear Workshop is letting me give away a limited edition JONAS Dog on my blog this week! Swing by to enter!


Pink & Green Mama said...

Fabulous...oh how I love a spray paint furniture makeover!!

Laura Zarrin said...

Stunning! I actually have that old dresser and hate it. I am now inspired. Thanks.

Jen said...

All I can say is WOW. Heading over to her blog right now.

Aubrey said...

Okay. So I've been stalking your blog for awhile now...but not so much for all the cute adorable eye candy you deliver...but you are hilarious to read. I LOVE your style of writing, you crack me up. I hope you have a wonderful week and weekend!

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

so amazing now i am just itching to paint something white

Holly said...

Can I just tell you what an honor it was to read that?? Seriously, I was sitting here thinking "Who is this cool person she is writing about?" You definitely have a knack for writing that I am extremely jealous of!!

Thanks again!
(and I think your blog is mighty cool too~)

Kimmy C said...

All white... when my husband and I bought our first house (condo) we bought it from a woman who had the following:

EVERYTHING WHITE - kitchen cabinets, floor, appliances, sink, dining room table, dining room floor, white couch and chair, plant stands, cabinets, book shelves, walls, carpet, bed, dresser, both bathrooms, basement cabinets, desk, NO TV's anywhere in the home.

We moved in, tore out the white carpet, painted the walls in almost every room... the only white room that I left was the kitchen - because I like a clean, crisp kitchen!

Robin said...

Okay I've never felt so much love for white as I do right now. I'm looking my furniture over wondering which one's getting a hefty coat of white paint!
Love it
All Things Heart and Home

Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

Ah! All that white drives me crazy with jealousy. I will never be able to keep whites white with my brood. But it's nice to visit via her blog!

Hillary and Cameron said...

Haha.. umm that nursery is WAY too white for a poopy, spitty-uppy baby like my own.

meg duerksen said...

oh my goodness i LOVE her! i really do.
i am going to go explore over at her site!!
thanks kim for TCB!!!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

That white bedroom leaves me breathless. Gorgeous!