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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tidy Mom

WOW, have you seen the list of crafty creative goodness below in yesterday's post?  Starting next week, we will have Get Your Craft On Tuesdays.  You get to show off something you’ve done….a project you’d like to share with others. 

I had so much fun going through the list.  So many great ideas…….when I came across Tidy Mom’s idea she added to my Mcklinky, I thought “gee, too bad I already featured her, I love this idea.”  But when I searched my blog, I didn’t find her.  I swear I featured her…..but she also didn’t have my featured button, so I am throwing caution to the wind and featuring her again.

Tidy Mom

Here’s what she shared with us yesterday.  A burlap bulletin board.  She of course has more details on her site. TUTORIAL!DSC_0876 The items you’ll need.  I just love it when they show us that.suppliesAnd the finished product!  Isn’t that simple and beautiful?  Love it.  Do you get tired of me saying I love something? 

Sorry…….you’re just going to have to deal.burlapboardHere’s how it looks in her office space.  Officedecor-1She has many crafty creative ideas to keep you busy.  She took two plain wood frames…..added paper and distressed them to give them that aged look.  For those of you that may need a bit more hand holding (ME!)  she shows a full TUTORIAL!  I love that too.frames2It’s nearly Fall………there I said it…….UGH……summer is almost over.  Sniff sniff.  Time to focus on our doors.  There’s nothing better than an inviting front door.  She added the numbers.  I was thinking of adding Welcome to mine……just haven’t found the right font addition to all things creative, she loves to spend a bit of time in the kitchen and she shares her recipes…….Not sure about your area, but we have blackberries coming out our ears here in the NW.  Black Berry Cobbler…..LOVE!blackberrycobbler   It won’t be long …….like a couple of days until pumpkin desserts bombard us.  Yum.  pumpkinfluffNow that I have a dog…….what?  You haven’t heard?  Really?  I thought everyone knew I have a dog now……My cute labradoodle with the bad grooming job is on my personal blog….I’ve been looking for a cute way to store my dog treats….her treats.  This is simple, yet clean and cute.dogtreatjar-1     Cheryl has a full blog of all kinds of stuff we all love.  Even though she doesn’t have my blog button in the Blog’s she loves section………I'll forgive her……because really….it’s not always all about me.  She’s darling and would LOVE all your comments……it would cheer her up today………actually I would LOVE it if you all commented on her blog…….and truth be told……I like them too.  :)

Just a shameless reminder………I have I Love Today’s Creative Blog buttons down below all for you to grab and place on your side bar. They are CUTE!  You need one.


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Rachelle said...

I don't see a link to Tidy Mom's blog, could you share that with us please?

TidyMom said...

Awwwe Kim! Thanks so much for all the sweet words!!! - Sorry about the blog button, I did have your link but not your button, I don't know why - but I fixed that!

Thanks again!!

Kimmy C said...

I LOVE the dog treat jar! Definitely will have to make one.

And as a small note (and with Kim's permission) I am extending a hair challenge over at my blog, If you have long hair and are looking to get a cut, join me in donating our hair to Beautiful Lengths, a charity that provides wigs for free to cancer patients! You can find the challenge here:

Nancy said...

Blackberry cobbler... yummmy! I have a 4 ingredient recipe for one that is to die for. I would love to have all of your fresh blackberries from your neck of the woods.

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Yay!! I love Tidy Mom!! She rocks:-)

Robin said...

Love this blog Kim! It's one of the best all-around blogs out there. She gives such great ideas on just about everything! And another great post from you!!!
All Things Heart and Home

Cathe Holden said...

I ADORE TidyMom!! How awesome that you would feature her. Just for that, I'm gonna vote for your dog again. lol.

(Hi Cheryl!)