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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lil Blue Boo

I’m warning you right now………this woman is a show off. You’re going to want to hate her, but you’ll soon realize you can’t because she’s so dang sweet……UGH!   All the people I feature inspire me somehow…..or they wouldn’t be featured……right?  lil blue boo not only inspires me, but I now have a bruised chin from hitting it on my desk every time I come to another one of her amazing projects…. For crying in a bucket….. ….she made this belt from rice bags……IMG_4509…….. who IS this woman?  McGiver?  She has fabulous TUTORIALS on her blog.   She even has PDF patterns for all her other projects….Some look free, some you can buy at a reasonable price.IMG_4852new

She loves using old t-shirts to make cloths for her daughter.  This is such a hip way to recycle. You all know I love recycling.  I can’t imagine what fun it would be shopping your local thrift store looking for old T’s to recycle.  Take this women’s shirt…….she cut it up and made a darling dress for her daughter.DSC02250DSC02319Her little girl is dressed in custom designs just about every day.


Here’s an example and pattern she gives for a few pants she makes.  t-shirt cutoutHere’s one of the pair.  Those are SO DANG CUTE!IMG_0399

And if it wasn’t enough to create custom pants from old t-shirts……let’s really show off and paint some flames.  She downloaded a template which she also shares……of course……...because if she didn’t that would at least give us reason to not like her…..she also has a very detailed tutorial for those of us that want to try it.  Because she’s nice.IMG_6813IMG_0730She is like Emeril……she has kicked up recycling a couple notches.  BAM!  Why just send your cardboard boxes out with the garbage or recycling?  IMG_1009Why not save some of it and make amazing wall art that Andy Warhol  would be proud of.  And yes she has a details TUTORIAL…..because she’s nice like that.IMG_1007Now here are a couple of projects that take more patience and talent than I will ever have…….even if I practiced every day all day.

First……here’s the room she painted for her daughter.  I know!  You want to……you just can’t. She’s too nice.DSC01898And this…..She made this belt from ribbon.  It makes your head spin…….but of course she the most detailed of TUTORIALS that even I thought I could do it……….for maybe a second………because it also looks like you may need a masters in math……..and we all know I don’t have that…..although I do have to count in 8’s a lot for my job.UntitledIMG_5691Darling.IMG_5649

Well my fair ladies…….at least I’m pretty sure most my readers are ladies…….if you’re a gent, leave me a comment so I’ll know you’re out there.  Head on over to lil blue boo and leave her 1000s of comments. 

Hmmm…….I wonder what my Friday Giveaway is this week?  Hmmmm?

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Ashley said...

LOL. You crack me up. This is the nicest post and I am dying laughing at your writing. Thanks so much for the nice words and for letting everyone know that I am "nice" too. Haha. This is the reason I love blogging and giving away free ideas.... because there are very appreciative readers out there! I am so flattered and honored and appreciative and I am thinking this is an AMAZING start to a day. Thank you thank you thank you ;)



Char said...

Ashley, you're brilliant! Totally deserved!

The Persimmon Perch said...

Beautiful things. So creative. I'll check her out. Thanks!

Shari said...

Ashley is all that, AND a bag of rice :) Everything you wrote about her is dead on, i'm lucky to call her my friend!! :) we love you Ash!!

Robyn said...

Love it! Love that dress and the butterfly room. She is sooo talented!

Jen said...

Yep, you're right...she is pretty awesome. BUT YOUR dialogue was hilarious!
♥ Jen

Ashley said...

Oh, and just fyi....that isn't my daughter's room. To post the photos of her room would be embarrassing. She doesn't have a mural. That one was for some clients.....and it is their vacation home....which makes me feel even WORSE about my daughter's BLAH room ;)

Tiffany said...

OMG! so glad I started maternity leave this week, cause I cannot wait to attempt duplicating some of her ideas!!!! I think her blog alone has enough ideas to keep me busy for at least 6 weeks!!!!

meg duerksen said...

i am so glad you posted this!!! i found here awhile back and then i lost her. that stripey dress from a shirt was what made me fall in love!
thank you kim.
you saved the day.
i gave you a blip in my post yesterday...props to you for erin. :)
i love TCB!!! said...

Your writing is always so entertaining--love it! And yes, I adore Lil Blue Boo. My pile of 'must-do' ideas from her blog is impossibly high. She is truly amazing.

Kim said...

You're going to make my Google Reader explode with all the great sites I have to keep adding to my list because you feature them! Awesome!