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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life in Grace

Holy Schmoly…..where have I been?  Now I realize that many of you have already seen this amazing kitchen……..but for every person that has……….there has to be a least 2 that haven’t………..right? Life In Grace……. Love this woman’s house……..Love this woman…….she has more substance than my protein bars.  

Here is her kitchen before taking the paint brush to it.  


And then after a few strokes from the paint brush……..ahh….can you believe the transformation? 


So the next time you want to paint something wood…….especially cabinets……and your husband whines that you can’t paint wood……just show him these photos……..or better yet…..wait til he’s out of town and paint!  Not that I’m suggesting you hide anything from your spouse….but some things are better left unsaid.  Men just don’t get painting wood.


I love how she did her counter bar….she used OLD cabinet doors that she took off….painted them black…….you’ll have to venture over to her blog to see the rest.  You won’t be disappointed.


Remember back in the late 90s when those old world pine armoires were all the rage?  I loved them then and I still love them……..especially with a bit of paint…….she distressed hers and shows us how she did it.  I know some you need a bit of hand holding with the distressing thing……she’ll hold your hand.


Once you start, you just can’t stop.  You must paint every wooden cabinet in the house… the laundry room. 


Notice the drapes…… kind off drapes.  DSC_0156

No need to use a curtain rod……..heck there’s no reason to sew them…….just tack them up and glue some pom pom trim and you are good to go.

DSC_0161She’s really good about sharing.  She’s nice like that.  She has so many great re-decorating posts that give you an birds eye view into her process. 

Picnikcollage-5  Of course this table setting below caught my eye.  It’s that time of year where I start thinking about Fall table settings………..This couldn’t be more simple, yet so perfect.  See……… need to get fancy to have a stunning center piece. IMG_1325

You’ll get lost in her photos………They look like they came out of a magazine………..I’m starting to hate her……..but once again……..way too sweet, you just gotta love her.


Her pool /patio area is vibrant and full of color.  She painted one set a baby blue, and adds splashes of color where she can.  I want a pool.DSC_0142-1   She seems pretty perfect………especially when you see that she also home schools……geeze……....and this is her converted garage made into a school room…….looks like a NY loft doesn’t it?  What lucky kids…….she swears she’s not perfect……that her house gets messy and her kids do fight occasionally…….she really is the real deal.  Like I said…….she has substance.IMG_0958-1

One of the things I love about looking at other people’s homes………is seeing how they decorate and of course I get all giddy when I recognize a bit of me in their style.  She loves putting a lot on a table or shelf…….I do that and I always wonder if I’m being tacky……….well now I know I am not….I am being just like her!  And it’s perfect!


     Just so you know……I am going to pout until YOU readers…….yes YOU……..start leaving comments either here or especially on my featured bloggers.  POUTING!  Don’t make me put my hands on my hips too.  Leave a comment.  We’ve gotten really lazy about it.  And if you want me to respond…….I will if I can, but you must have your email listed on your profile……then I can just email you right back.

Have a great day everyone……….wait!……….that’s right……….I’m pouting.


Anonymous said...

No pouting, please! Life in Grace is one of my favorite stops...she does have amazing decorating ideas and paints it/her!

kelly said...

oh! my! gosh!

AMAZING! absolutely beautiful. totally inspired to go paint my kitchen right this instant. i wonder when home depot opens!

Megan said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing. I love reading your posts. I am somewhat new to your blog and find myself spending HOURS looking through your previously featured sites. LOVE!

Robyn said...

That kitchen is amazing! So beautiful!

anistock said...

really really nice, as someone who loves design this is great

Maria in Lewisland said...

Man....I was having withdrawals. This post was worth the wait. Georgeous, inspiring, jealousy-provoking. Can't wait to click over to her site.

meg duerksen said...

she's a perfect pick. i assumed you'd already had her....i wonder where i found her? that turquoise blue was all i needed and i was hooked. :)

The DIY Show Off said...

Wow. Beautiful.

Thanks for sharing!


Jen said...

LOL about the husbands not understanding painting wood. My dad used to travel a lot and every time he came home my mom had painted something. He would have never let her do it had he been home. She pained her kitchen cabinets, laundry room cabinets, and a wood wall. Now she wants to paint her brick fireplace, but my dad absolutely wont let her and he is retired so no more business trips. Loving the featured blog today.

do it yourselfer said...

i have a girl-crush on Edie! i met her in real life last year at blissdom and she is just as lovely as her blog! thanks for featuring her...i want that kitchen!

Kimberly said...

Stop pouting, I'll comment! :o) Her house is so much cuter than mine, the only room in my house that will be done anytime soon is baby Riley's. My husband is quite jealous.

Anywho, I'm gonna head on over there and look around. Maybe even comment again, heheee!

The Weight Loss Debutante said...

I just love your site. I am one of those that looks but dont usually leave a comment.
Keep up the good work

Kim @

edie said...

Awww, y'all are so sweet. And Kim, thanks so much, I feel very privileged to be featured on your site!!! I'm one lucky girl today. I've already gotten some fun new readers/commenters. Thanks so much! Have a blessed day.

Melissa Lester said...

What pretty re-dos! I will have to pop over and see if she gives the paint colors for the armoire and cabinets. I love when people do that because finding the perfect shade is the most difficult part of the project to me. And those colors are fabulous, but difficult to find.

Melissa Lester said...

Kim, I just wanted to pop back over to say I'm so glad you featured Edie. I lived in her town for two years -- my junior and senior years of high school. I had stumbled over her blog awhile back, and we made the connection, but then somehow lost track of the link. So finding a link to an old hometown was an unexpected blessing today. Just wanted to say thanks!

Aimee said...

Thank you! I really, REALLY, need to redecorate my whole house. This is such a great resource!!! I'm getting a very slow start, but I keep blogging about my fix-ups every friday. So far they are small, but I think I'll keep moving on to bigger and better things.

Nancy said...

What a great blog this is, I just found you and I'm a fan already!
Love the featured blogger, such a creative talent....wonderful inspiration! Thank you.

Emily said...

Yay! Another one of my favorite blogs featured. I love Edie, her heart and her home.

Remodeling This Life

WhimsicalXpressions said...

I have seen that kitchen before and absolutely love it! Very daring color choice!

Angie said...

I adore Edie's blog! She inspires me to be a better parent and home maker!!

Nancy said...

She is one of my faves. I love her writing style too. Her home schooling room looks fab. I could learn a lot at her place, that is for sure!

audrey said...

She is my favorite blog to read! I'm actually a little sad when I check blog updates in the morning & see that she doesn't have any new posts. And she definitely has substance - I wish I could stay focused long enough to contemplate thoughts like hers! She rocks.

Melissa Stover said...

i love edie's projects. i copy her all the time.

Lolly Jane said...

w-o-w! looks like a lot of work. adorable :)

i'm a nerd and put the wrong link on the last post... see us here for a GIVEAWAY!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeppers! I love Edie, her family, home and blog! It's always a treat to stop by her site and see what's she's been up to! =-) So glad you featured her because she certainly deserves it!

Amy said...

wow- great find... seriously, great find!

Miss Muffin said...

Oh, am in love with that beautiful kitchen! But my husband would probably divorce me if I tried to do it ... :-D

Michellem said...

I just found your blog today from the Lisa Leonard blog and I've already put it in my reader! Didn't want you to pout so I'm leaving a comment!! BTW - My husband and I painted the oak cabinets in our kitchen and put long IKEA handles on them and it totally remade the look in there! Paint is a good thing!