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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Curbside Creations

If you’ve been reading this blog any amount of time you know a few things about me.  I am sarcastic with a wicked sense of humor that occasionally gets me in trouble…….I love painted furniture…….and I have a Mormon sister, so I love all LDS women…….but I get irritated at the state of Utah for not being on the ball with their recycling program…………I am a recycler. I work in Portland Oregon where it’s not uncommon to see a trash can for composting items only.  Because I believe in recycling……..I fell in love with this girl. Curbside Creations.  Sure it helped that she had my new big Fabulous Friday Giveaway button posted and she also has my I LOVE Today’s Creative Blog button on her side bar…….but it’s not required to have those to become a featured blogger…….Hmmm….maybe I should make it a requirement?  :)

She finds most her subjects along the curb…….left out to go to the dump.  But why not take those beat up unwanted pieces home and breath new life into them?  Like these ugly chairs………


I bet you weren’t expecting this cute pair of chairs below were you? 


Ahh…….the beloved IKEA table.  Perfect for college……….kind of boring……..


Not anymore……..I’m not quite sure if she painted or decoupaged.  What a transformation and conversation starter.

DSCF2023 Sad sad table below……DSCF2025

wow!  This turned out great.  Another original piece guaranteed to get people talking.  

This table has had it………The poor dear.RoundTableBefore   I love how cute and whimsical it turned out…….Who would have thought it would have so much hope?  RoundTableAfter

Her blog is pretty new, but I know she’s going to have so much more for us.  If it will save just one piece of furniture from the landfill, I will have done my job.  Now go cruise your curbs. 

Thanks so much for all the comments.  I’m no longer pouting.  :)

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Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

These are great makeovers! I definitely will check her blog out. Thank you for loving LDS women...that means you love me. :) I recycle too! lol


NancyJones said...

These are so amazing. VERY VERY CUTE STUFFF!

linda said...

Love the transformations! UT has a limited recycle program... called Deseret Industries!!! ;) jk but yes, I agree, UT needs a recycling program for sure. and thanks, glad you love me!

Kimberly said...

Oooooh, I LOVE furniture re-dos!! They are the best. Especially when there are before and after pictures!! That last table is especially cute!

Anonymous said...

I always love furniture makeovers! And I am jealous of people who can find free stuff on the curb!

Jen said...

Amazing Transformations!