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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crap I’ve Made

Thumbing through my FFF this morning waiting for something to bite me……….inspire me….make me pee my pants.

That’s exactly what this gals blog is doing…….making me laugh so hard……. especially at this post……

She is a busy mom of lots of kids…….and God love her, she has the right sense of humor to get through it all.  Maybe that’s why she named her blog Crap I’ve Made.   Love her already. 

If her funny stories didn’t hook me……….you know this would have.  Painting a piano?  YES!  She certainly has my respect!  I think she just broke the biggest “never paint wood” rule ever!  What a rebel!  I love her. DSC_1001I am just giddy looking at that painted piano!  Stunning isn’t it?


She also just re-did the children’s bathroom.  Dr. Seuss theme. 

Hello……..Do you like my faucets?  I do…….I do like your faucets.  Good Bye…….

Isn’t she brilliant?  Using water spickets as towel hooks!  SHUT UP!

DSC_0990 About then I was wondering if she was also LDS…..she had to be… dang crafty and creative….they love to flaunt it……….then I saw the apron tutorials and I just knew it………plus all those kids……..


I love this fabric…….both of them actually.

DSC_0575   And it’s all those kids she writes really really funny stuff about!  Seriously, she has me in stitches today.DSC_0234  Like this……this is creative sibling rivalry…….don’t you think?  She said that one of these kids was more upset about the marker fight.  LOL  I can’t look at his back with out snickering.  DSC_0240When you only have one child like myself, you miss all the sibling drama……..  

Now if you looked at her living room…….it doesn’t look like 14 children live there.  Love the book shelving…….and denim couches……I used to have one…….but….but….can you see her coffee cocoa table?  A galvanized water trough!  Oh my GOSH!  What a unique simple inexpensive idea.  Love it.DSC_0966

Because she’s thrifty, she has figured out a way to get that stamped jewelry look on a budget.  She bought her stamping tools from Harbor Freight ($8.99) and simple washers.  They’re not sterling silver, but what a great idea for kids eh?


Simple tutorial on making lipgloss…..containers from the Dollar Store and she used Koolaid.  She is breaking all the rules……love it.


If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, then you know I have a soft spot for decorated onesies.  So cute.   DSC_0602She also has a tutorial on applying the fabric as well as a template.  And the birthday hat?  She shows you how to make a fabric birthday hat out of a regular paper one.  No pushing girls………   DSC_0261 

Love the tie….

Well I won’t keep you any longer with my jibber jabber…..I know you’re busy.  Just one last thing before you move on……..I’m watching……..I’m hoping …..actually begging that you’ll leave her a wonderful comment letting her know how you found her.


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Alissa said...

char's blog rocks the hizzouse. she's who i want to be when I grow up.

Splendid Little Stars said...

I will! I will ! I will! right now! I'll go and leave her a comment!
just amazing!

Let it Shine said...

She is SOOOOOOO funny!
The thing about her daughter and the glasses made me laugh out loud!!

Marianne@Songbirdisnesting said...

Wonderful find! I do not have children myself but this is a mom blogger that I can really relate too. Love the homemade jewelry!

Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

okay, i seriously thought she had 14 kids...i had no idea you were prone to exaggerate.
she's still cool though.

Jessica said...

Okay, I always love to check out the blogger finds you share, but I am really loving this one. Her pic. with the hot dog had TEARS running down my face from laughing so hard!
Thanks for all the blog searching and sharing.

Christina said...

Heading there right now to leave some love. CUTE stuff! She's sooo creative!

Rochelle said...

Ah, looks like a great one!! Thanks :) :) :)

Restyled Home said...

I love her site!! Just the title alone lets me know she keeps it real...
Now, like a good girl I am off to leave her a comment!!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I can't decide which crafty idea I love more!

Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

I'm going over to visit right now!

Robyn said...

those onesies are adorable!

Lacie E. said...

I think she is amazingly talented an witty

Misty said...

ok. i have got to check her out! She seems so fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one that made crap, in my Crap Room (which gives me an excuse to never have to put my crafting crap away). Thanks for alerting me to my twin.


Amy said...

Love that irreverent painted piano!

Char said...

Me and my 14 kids thank you!