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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Before I blab on endlessly, I wanted to direct you to one of my Chic Chick Media partners who is have a blogging conference in Oct. Sitscation…..Go check it out.  Their having a contest for a free trip to their convention!  fabulousFridayGiveawaysAlso…….tomorrow is my Fabulous Friday Giveaways. 


If you’ve been reading my blog lately, then you know I am a bargain hunter and proud!  I can’t wait to tell someone how much I paid.  Tacky?  I suppose to some people………but not to junkers…….not people like me who thrive on finding that bargain.  It’s a creative journey to find something, re-purpose it into something that makes your home that much more homey. 

So you can image how excited I was to find a blog committed to saving cents through re-purposing, painting, etc…..  Bliss. 

Centsational, fabulous for less

A good place to start is keeping that inspiration journal…..when you see something you love, tear it out…..then get hunting.  She loved this mirror wall seen in Ballard Designs.ballard garden district wall mirrors_thumb[4] She then found this old mirror at a thrift store…….she had a vision.mirror before_thumb[2] And here it is…..Pretty nice huh?  And much less expensive than ordering the fancy ones.  You know what else?  No one……NO ONE will have the same room after_thumb[1] Need a new and original coat rack?  Hmmm, I’m thinking this may be a good idea for that “mud room”  I’m trying to design for my garage.  before and after_thumb[1]headboard on wall_thumb[1]

If you frequent your local Goodwill or neighborhood yard sales……you have probably seen some old stuff like this…..and probably kept on walking.  The vision is sometimes hard to grasp….But with a bit of spray paint…..WaLaa!

ugly brass_thumb[2]

All fresh, clean and perfect.  This looks so inviting…….great job!

white table final_thumb[1]

I have never thought of this with spray paint.  She sprayed a bit of brown on those brass candle holders first, let it dry…..first layer of brown_thumb[1]then used the ivory and rubbed a bit off for a distressed look.  She of course has more photos showing her TUTORIAL!

second layer of white_thumb[1]   She recently had new cabinets put in her kitchen and most people would salvage the old ones….not her.  She has made several projects using the old cabinet doors.  This is just one of them.  On her site she shows a head board!  So when my husband thinks I’m crazy for wanting an old door on my wall……I can show him all the things she’s made with old cupboard doors.graphicartset_thumb1

    One of the real reasons I am featuring her, is because of this room.  I know she copied me……well probably not…..but I love it when I see something I’ve done as well.  You see I made my son’s room an explorer theme.  I used old maps to cover my letters…..Hers is much more elegant, but you can see my letters here….and the treasure map I painted.  Don’t laugh.

game room final_thumb[1] I remember looking at this exact map.  It was a bit too big for my son’s wall……so I have a smaller one.  Love how she made it look like a large art piece.  She just stapled it to the wall, added molding and called it good.  This looks like a shot out of a magazine. spraypaintframe_thumb

You can’t see it here, but in that same room she made a compass.  Once again, I wouldn’t have ever thought of this.  Using a round iron decor piece, and letters.  Guess what my son will have on his wall soon?  Yep….a compass.

compasspaint_thumb  This blog proves that you don’t have to have  or spend a ton of $$$ to create a creative original home.  Just open your mind, grab some paint and get busy.


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Centsational Girl said...

Thanks so much for the feature !

I'll be sure to add your badge to my blog....

Big smiles,

Robyn said...

wow! That map is impressive!

f8hasit said...

Fabulous ideas.
I'm heading to Lowes for spray paint!

forever folding laundry said...

LOVE that candle holder idea!! Super cute.


Julie said...

Love her blog, already a subscriber, nice refresher of her ideas!

t said...

So much to say about this post: 1. I love how she took that mirror apart to make it more like the original photo. 2. My awesome friend Jennifer has a door for a headboard and it looks totally fabulous, like everything in her house. She should totally have a decorating blog. 3. Old cabinet doors are great surfaces for making signs with vinyl letters. Don't throw them away!!! 5. You can totally make a compass with UL lettering and an embellishment.

Emily said...

Love the coat rack....I'll have to keep an eye out for one of those :)