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Friday, October 31, 2008

Party Planning Mom

Happy Halloween! My poor son has had the worst luck. Last year he broke his toe before trick or treating........I won't talk about my Mother of the Year from that episode........but his year he is running a 99.9 fever! He was scheduled to have a pajama ice cream sundae party at school. They earned each topping with each multiplication number list they passed. Of course my son passed all 12. He was NOT going to miss this party. So I did what every good mother would do. I jacked him up on Tylenol and sent him on his way. I'll do the same for trick or treating. Do NOT judge me. He can sleep tomorrow.

While we have party planning on our minds..........or at least I do. Not that I'm planning any, but it's always nice to be prepared.
Party Planning Mom has a ton of ideas!
Love the Halloween party she recently had for a few of her friends. Black Hat Society. Is that cute or what?

LOVE the inexpensive idea for black still have time. I wish I would have seen this last weekend. But I'm going to bank it for next year.

From these ugly white roses to...........
these perfect black roses. Paint fixes everything.She did a pirate theme birthday for her son and it looks like we used the same website for the cake idea. Yes...........I also had a pirate birthday party for my son and you know what? It was BEFORE Johnny Depp waltzed into your lives as Capt Jack it was SO hard to find anything piratie........but I did it. Here's her cake........

And here's mine. Mine fell was more of a shipwreck.She had a cute display with a treasure map. They didn't exist when I had mine.She had the best idea to have two "ships".........I would have done that, but my party was in the dead of winter and we all know that pirate ships don't sail in the winter.I did this too..........decorated a pirate chest. The boys really did like that. Except I painted mine first and the brown paint made several of them stick........they couldn't open them. I'm not making this stuff up.This wasn't for the pirate party, but she made koolaid play doe for a party favor. Brilliant. So much better than all that other crap that comes home. Let's talk party favors.........When did this become the rule? Argh.......I hate party favors! It's just a bunch of junk that ends up in the trash. Waste of money, waste that doesn't get recycled. God forbid you don't hand them will be labeled the cheap parent on the block. Play doe is a much better choice.Maybe the play doe came from this party. What I love about this one........besides all the color.....but look at the wall! That is so original. And the topiaries aren't bad either.So glad I don't have a girl............because this cake would NEVER get made in my house. I bet she loved it.

OK.......enjoy your Halloween. Eat several fun size candy bars..........don't let your kids eat any chocolate coins.......they've been recalled.........and go visit party planning mom.


Brenda said...

I'm so very flattered to be featured on your lovely blog! Thanks so much!

Jennifer said...

I will not judge, since I noticed my little one not feeling the best throughout the day. No fever though, thank God. She fell asleep on the way home and it was only 6:30. Not to mention that she did not smile in any of the pre-trick-or-treat photos.

Saucy said...

Yes! Paint does cure all. I'm off to visit this party planning diva.

orphanannie said...

no judging here
i have done it before too!

Ruth said...

Oh how I wish I was that creative! Makes me glad my kids are all grown up and I can do other things like treasure hunts for parties. Even then I need a book like Treasure Hunt by Nancy Kruse to help me get creative with the clues.