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Sunday, September 14, 2008

No. 43 ~ Will Work for Fabric

I am caught up! Whew! We have made about $1700 for the Nie Recovery. That is awesome! Thank you to everyone who continues to visit, bid and mention this auction on other sites. THANK YOU!
The auction continues!

No. 43
Megan with Will Work For Fabric.........another great name..........she has donated one of her bags.

In her words....."Here is a little tote bag that I would like to donate. The picture is of a class sample for the class I teach, but I will make it especially for the winner in their choice of :

1- Black and white 2- Denim and Red (like the sample) 3- Autumn colors

You get to choose what color you want. What a great gift this would make for anyone........if you can pry it from your own hands. Do these sewing gals know how talented they are?

Love this. Lets start the bidding at $10. Easy brainer.........let's go ladies.

Please read the auction rules so I don't go crazy and start drinking margaritas.

Rules for the auction:
1. Place your bid in the comments section. Please include your email address if your comment does not link back to your blog.
2. Winner will be the last bid before auction closes. Most auctions will remain open for 48 hours.
3. Winner will donate and pay directly to paypal using Please send a receipt of payment to

4. Your item will be sent directly to you from the person donating the item. You may offer to pay shipping.


klanteigne said...

I will start the bid with $10.00!

~j. said...


averett's said...


samgramof8 said...

Wow! My 2 fav colors and my fav print all in one bag!
I bid $30.00.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

SamGramOf8 is the WINNER!
No more posts accepted.