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Monday, September 22, 2008

{Musings} Kimberly Kwan

Oh I love a girl who can just say what's on her mind. Fresh, to the point and full of energy.
Kimberly Kwan is all that and a bag of chips.
I loved her first for her scrapping abilities, then I fell in love with her photos and then she locked me in with her sassy personality. Once again, I'm sure we'd be really good friends if we were in the same neighborhood.
I'm getting ready for a scrapbooking retreat in October. I have been so slack about getting any of my scrapping done. I think all my glue dots are dried up. A little visit to a few of my fav scrap blogs will get me back in scrappin shape. She's getting ready to teach at Silver Bella....yes she's that good.......what a bunch of lucky gals. All her creations are getting me ready......vroom vroom....
Besides just scrapping, she also cooks! I love they way she'll photograph all the ingredients. YUM!
Love reading her blog ............Love the way she puts it out there for the upcoming political events.
For some fun reading and lots of creative inspiration, take a look. You won't be sorry. Plus she has some really really cute kids.


Fran said...

That's one thing I've never tried is scrapbooking. I've done just about everything else but not that. I'm saving it for my "golden days" when the first great grandchild comes along. There are 11 grandkids least 3 of them could be candidates for parenthood.LOL...I can hear them all yelling at me "NANA!!!" Oh well, a girl can dream can't she? I do love new babies especially if there my own. The youngest is 8 now and doesn't like to be cuddled and rocked anymore.>>LOL

I'm on my way to visit your friends blog.

Take care and have fun scrapping...!!Fran...:c)

Kirsten said...

Love Miss Kwan! Top to bottom, you've nailed her.

And I've been meaning to ask: what do you think about the digi movement in the scrapping world???

Kimberly said...

I'm also just dang happy you didn't send me hate e-mails telling me how deeply offended you were by my often off color humor! ha!
Just keepin' it real, sister...just keepin' it real!!

Tammy (Mom to this crazy bunch) said...

I'm totally heading over there now. Thanks.

Saucy said...

I must run and check her out, she loves photos? And crafting and cooking? She must be the long lost twin my mommy told me about.

Ashley said...

Great Feature!

Moi said...

this was a neat blog to visit. Thanks for featuring it.
O' to scrapbook again! Maybe someday motivation will strike-

Little Birdie Secrets said...

Going to check her out...thanks!

Pumpkin Petunia said...

LOVE her blog - so fun and funny. Just spent forever browsing and reading and my cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling. Thanks for introducing me to such a fun place/person!

bnovacek said...

i love kim too! :)

Linda Woods said...

I agree with everything you said about Kim and she is even better in reality! Thanks for a great post on a such a wonderful person who is so generous with her creativity and many talents!

Kimberly said...

Seriously.... you keep introducing me to kim blogs that I like, including your own. LOL! Thanks for another great feature! I love her blog!