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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pigment of your Imagination ~ Catherine Holman Folk Art

Have you seen Catherine's work?
Pigment of your Imagination
Amazing folk art! It's truly amazing that people are this talented. I found her when I was searching for painted floors.........I am thinking of painting my patio in my outdoor room that is only 50% finished. Of course my husband has no idea that I'm thinking this, it's best I just don't bring it if I only had a full day to paint this while he's a work.

I found a photo of the most amazing painted floor on her site. Now the one I could do would not be this detailed.......only because I am not Catherine.

That is not a real rug! Can you believe it? And those are not real slippers on the floor.
I love painted floors. In our old Mt. Tabor home we painted the upstairs floors after taking up the carpet. The wood floors were in poor condition and fir. So we painted them. In my son's room we painted them a barn red with puppy paw prints bordering the room. That's about as talented as I get. It was darling and I can't believe we don't have a photo of it.

Her specialty is painting houses. Her work is full of charm and detail. She is also generous enough to take us her through her process..........kind of like a tutorial I suppose..............if you can paint. No amount of tutorials would have me creating anything like this. I could maybe paint a mud hut.... maybe.

Wouldn't you love your house painted and hung on your wall? She does that! Look!

This is actually on a small wood box..........Boy she must have patience.

And I love her cupcake paintings. She is selling the prints in her Etsy shop for under $12! SCORE!

Besides being talented with the brush, she also has a cute home. I am loving her's not red, but it's the next best! Mine was going to be black, but I changed my mind the night before. Love the basket with the monogram........great idea. And while we're talking black doors..........I love it when someone paints the inside of an old door with chalkboard paint. I could have done this in my old house! She actually uses her door for verses or reminders. Functional art!Taking that functional trait one more step............her husband thought to use these drainage tiles for wine storage in a funky cabinet that was used to store baking sheets for the previous owner. Brilliant.

Another warm hearted blog to place on your list! Enjoy!


Jamie Noel said...

hey kim!

I forgot all about chalkboard paint. I love that stuff! I am going to do a door in my home like that. I am a seriously forgetful, ADD, swirling brain, type of person who needs notes and reminders so a chalkboard door would be a great benefit as well as adorable. Now if I can only remember to buy the paint next time I'm out... and chalk...and...
what were we talking about?

Art By MAR said...

I love her work have been a fan for awhile. That floor is just amazing. I need her to come to my house! What is better than a run you don't have to sweep or wash? Great artist to feature.

Catherine Holman said...

Kim, I'm so honored that you've featured my blog! I read yours daily and was so surprized when you emailed me.

I must tell you that I usually do these type of projects when my husband is out of town. It always shocks him when he comes home and things have changed. I painted a fireplace on the living room wall when he was gone. He just never knows what to expect next!

Thanks again,

Takin' time to smell the flowers! said...

I love your blog! I hope to have mine just as cute and functional some day. We are kindred spirits for sure! Can't wait to read more...

Kristin said...

Yes, people who paint amaze me too! No matter how hard I try, that is NOT a talent of mine!

Pam Hawk said...

Aha! Painted floors, and fabulous ones, at that. My hubby and I plan to buy a fixer in the next year and I figure if the carpet has to go, I'll just paint the floors until we can afford to re-carpet. (...or instead of carpet??)

This is evidence that I'm not nuts. Thank you!!

And Kim, Mt. Tabor? As in extinct volcano Mt. Tabor? (I love the houses in that neighborhood.)

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Wow! I can't believe that painted rug and the slippers. When I first started reading and looked at the picture (before I got to the bit that you told us that the rug was painted on), I thought, what is Kim talking about, she's lots the plot, there's no painting on that floor, it's just a plain wooden floor with a rug on it!

Love the door and wine storage too!

Becky in East Tennessee said...

OMIGOSH!! I love that rug!!! We have a whole wall in our GREAT ROOM that is chalkboard paint. This kids uber love it! I love what you are finding. SOOOO NEAT!

Sunshine said...

I'm in loooove! AND I need a new front door. And a chalk painted old door. And I suddenly feel like ripping up my carpet. You people *amaze* me.

If you could see me right now, I'd be sitting in my PJ's at the computer, sipping on a generous cuppa coffee...HIGHLY AMAZED.


Farmgirl Paints said...

Wow that floor was amazing! I am always blown away when people can paint things that actually look real. How do they do that??

Aunti said...

Catherine does the same thing I used to do. He would go out of town for work and say now don't do anything this time. I would just smile and grin. Nothing as amazing as this though! She definitely has the touch!