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Friday, July 11, 2008

I Rock!

neener neener neener! That sounds bratty doesn't it? It's time you all know that YES, I can be a big brat.

But..........Look what I got!
Pam from The Pass It On Plate Blog was so nice to award me this......Thank you!
Ok, I'm supposed to pass it on to others, but I like being a rebel. I think we all feel free to copy the photo and place it on your blog telling everyone I think YOU ROCK!

While I was in Utah, I received another award......going off complete memory........I think it was from Tonya. I'm so sorry I haven't mentioned it yet, I am barely keeping my head above water here. If you've read my personal blog, you'll know that my son and I have only been home for 10 days total since the last day of school on June 17th. I hope you know I appreciate any award, even if I don't acknowledge it right away. Thank you!


Nadine said...

Well congratulations.

Good & Crazy said...

Hey that's my neck o the woods! (for a couple more months anyway...)

The awards thingy's kind of confuse me? I already knew you rocked!

Pam Hawk said...

He he he :o)

Kim's right: YOU ALL ROCK!
Put the rock on your blogs and let the world know just how much you rock!

Jen said...

So, how do we get sign up to be judged for Creative Blog of the day? I got here from The Purple Diva's site, and this seems like an awesome blog! I don't have so much time right now to be creatively crafty, what with the simultaneous birth of my eighth and ninth, but I do have some creative parenting tips!

Anonymous said...

Actually you DO rock!!!!!!
Cool award and you deserve it!!!!

TONYA said...

Yes, you're right, that was little 'ole me who gave you the other award

You deserve it. Your blog rocks.