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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Missy Muh

I'm tired people........tired! It's Thursday and so far I have made good on my promise to post a new blog everyday this week! I even posted on my personal blog..........funny story about May Day. You'll have to check it out.

OK, today's post was going to be a sketch blog........yes again. Because we can never have too many sketches. I loved this one.......But when I clicked on their guest designer, I was blown away. (for the record, the above sketch was not from her) I heard myself do that little gasp sound and that can only mean one thing........they must be featured.

Missy Muh has a wonderful blog. Claire is an Aussie scrapper, so you know she has that cute accent we all adore. I simply love her layouts. Just look at them............I can't stop looking.......I have those orange wishes...........I need to use them.Their messy in a good way, lots of know I love color and so artistic. I just found her this afternoon, so I really don't know much yet. She could be a "famous" published scrapper for all I know..........I am trying to get better at reading names in the scrapbooking mags, but I'm just not interested in that when I'm drooling over all the fun eye candy. Horrible I know, because I suppose if I was in a magazine, I would want everyone to know it...........but that's not going to happen, so let's move on...............

Anyway.........she's a crafty one with cute kids. She is another multi-crafter. She takes great photo's and even makes her living doing children's photography. Can you just feel that skin? She also makes things and sells them on this site, which I have never heard of. Great!........another site to fuel our addictions.

There's a little bit of everything at her site. I wonder if she'll be as excited as luka bella about being featured? I have to admit.........I love it when people get excited! Makes my do comments. :) But if you only have time for one comment, leave it for her when you visit her.

Happy May Day!


lukabella said...

O.K. this chic and I would get along well.

Clair said...

oh wow, thank you so much. I am really flattered that you picked me to feature. Thanks heaps :)

lukabella, i checked out your blog as well and i agree completly - we would totally get along like a house on fire

Sharmaine said...

Clair is amazingly talented, seen her kids clothes?!
She is famous, as it gets, in the scrappy circles here in Australia, published in the mags etc and is a super photographer... No I've never met her lol

Holly said...

OK, yes the scrap stuff is cool... and the dandelions are ADORABLE... but come on... who can beat that picture of those naked babies!!!!! What an enchanting picture!

capello said...

no joke, her stuff is CUTE!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Oh my gosh! she makes me tired...and inspired! Thank you for this feature!


TONYA said...

Oooh I love it, I love her. I'm off to check her site.

Being an Aussie too I'm having a little chuckle at you thinking we have cute accents :)

Angela said...

Oohh how exciting!!! Clair is a friend of mine and yes she sure is a talented woman!!! And those naked little cherubs are mine. :) I was very excited to see them on your blog lol.

Oh and i have a cute accent too. ;)

amanda said...

Clair is an amazing Aussie scrapbooker AND fabulously creative person.

congrats on being featured Clair! You deserve it chook!