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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

HomeGrown Hospitality ~ Stephanie!

Remember this girl............Stephanie from HomeGrown Hospitality.........cuz she's probably going to be as familiar as Lisa from CK in a few months. Stephanie is a doll! High octane all the time. My blogger friend Jodi from Oregon (who is being published in the mentioned mag below) sent me an email today about Stephanie........and wouldn't you know it, I already had her in my "future feature file" so I took it as a sign to make this feature about her! Stephanie loves to be creative in so many different ways, but what you might recognize right away is her famous doodling! I had my own little Aha! moment when I clicked on her blog. I've seen her writing/doodling for years...........she used to be a designer for Me and My Big Ideas........and if you've been into scrapbooking for over 3 years or so, then you for sure know that line of products. Her doodles are drawn free hand............FREE HAND! hand? If was sitting next to her at a crop, it would take all my will to not bump her elbow while I was busy typing up my journaling because my free hand stinks. :) Or I would probably do what I do best and just whine until she would doodle something for me too.

Not only is her blog a really fun read. But the big news is her magazine coming out next week! The magazine looks really really good, right up my alley so to speak. I love all my craft mags, but it would be nice to see a new one make sure you all rush out and buy one. It used to be called Homegrown Hospitality and they changed the name. I missed it the first time around, it had a debut sometime last year. Now it's back with a new name and we need to rally to show the CK Media people that we not only want a new mag, we NEED one!

When reading her blog, you get the idea that she is a really happy person. I love happy people.

Look at this cute doodle of herself and all things she loves. A Doodle Expression. High octane.......With all that creative talent and skill, she naturally creates really cute layouts. Naturally. You'll have to check out her site, she has LOTS of other fun stuff to look at. In her Etsy I the only one that doesn't have an Etsy shop?..........she sells these and a CD for her fonts. Very cool.

If you have a little time, you'll want to read up on her real life love story. Sweet.

Please head over and leave her a that a word?..........leave her a nice message about her magazine coming out. I bet she's on pins and needles right now. But don't worry Steph.........we've got your back!


Jodi said...

Kim, Kim, Kim, You Rock Girl! What a great post. Thanks a ton!!!!

Tracey said...

I want to doodle like that! Maybe I will just get the cd of her fonts instead!

Robyn said...

Great stuff as usual! Thanks for the heads up! Come by for visit someday! It would be lovely to see you!

The Barber Bunch said...

Great Post.

Stephanie is awesome! I love her work!


momto4boys said...

I have a ton of Me & My Big Idea stuff in my stash..I am sure some of it is hers!!! I LOVE it all...Her designs inspire me to draw better and try new things too...Thanks for the feature, I am headed over to her blog right now!!!!!

emily said...

she is super cute! and don't worry...i don't have an etsy shop either :)
we can be un-cool together.

DebMc said...

I don't have an etsy shop either, but I'm thinking about one. Love the magazine recommendation, thanks! I love crafty mags.

Lea L. said...

I have so much MAMBI stuff...and I totally recognize that handwriting! Thanks for posting this info...going to delve into it!

~Lea L.

laura said...

stephanie is such a fabulous girl! so cool that you featured her! :)

hopetreestudio said...


It was nice reading your blog. Love that Pray picture. Blessings

ilona said...

Thank you for all your Great ideas!