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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Craft Gossip

Life is happening in fast mode at the Today's Creative Blog homestead. You know how that is........all things crafty get put on hold. It's finally a quiet morning, and I'm gearing up to do a little bit of organizing around here. Not sure about you, but I can't feel creative if areas of my home are trashed. My craft room is trashed.......what's planters are craving something springy for the porch and I desperately need to go through my son's closet and bedroom. Sadly, I'm looking forward to getting these tasks done. I set my sites on looking for an Organizing blog to give me inspiration. But, I found this one. Very interesting and so many things to find there.

Craft Gossip has just about everything under the sun about anything crafty. Reviews, tutorials, name it.

When I first came across Craft Gossip, I was afraid it was going to be like a few of those sites out there that trash a product or a "craft celebrity" and I didn't want anything to do with that. I quickly realized this site wasn't like that at all and it was full of really helpful stuff. They have a team of editors that do all the leg work for you.

Thank GOD I don't host our Easter dinner, but if I did I would totally make these napkin shapes. Think how impressed my guests would be.

I don't know about you, but I went through a serious paperbag album phase. These are great for quick mini albums. Here is a quick tutorial if you've never made one. You haven't lived until you make one of these. I used a paper hole punch, a few bags at a time........much easier.
Another great idea I found is this paper storage. Using the 12x12 storage containers from any craft store and a garment hanger, you can have a quick storage solution.
Loving this idea with the cubes. Cubes / blocks seem to be one of those "new" things to do with our scrapbooking goods. Combine that with your need to buy old things and you've got yourself a pretty original decorative piece. Wouldn't this be cool to use as a type of family tree? Or an Advent Calendar? You could have a variety of uses.
They have a whole section on recycling items for crafty purposes. You know I loved that. Here's a very simple one you could do today.
I have been meaning to get one of these stamps. I love these. All of them. Think of all you could do with this!

They have something for everyone. Even this below..................

What? You don't know what that is? Why they are the ever popular Tampon string lights.

I hope you all have a productive Sunday.


simple mom said...

That last photo cracks me up! My husband would die if I hung those up. Love the stamps - I totally agree with you, I'd use those all the time.

Sarah and Jack said...

Erm, well, um. Those are interesting. My husband says they look like another, shall we say "personal device", lights?

The Barber Bunch said...

How funny is that last pic!!. If I tried to hang those up my Husband would say.....and I quote.... "Woman, are you crazy!?!?!"


momto4boys said...

I would do the last one just to see if anyone knew what they really were!!!! How funny is that....I love the Craft Gossip blog, thanks for the direction to it. When I have more time I shall really read it!!! Thanks again for a great read on your blog, I look forward to coming here everyday!!!!

Gwen said...

LOL, I'm DYING over those string lights. Too funny! Thanks for posting, off to check out the blog :)

Stephanie @ Figments said...

OMG, I had to look twice at the tampon strings. Yep, those are tampons. Too funny. Love your blog. Always great picks. You're on my blogroll!

Jennifer P. said...

Tampons sure enough! I bet a woman would pcik them out right away, but you could probably fool a man :)! My friend once posted about the "tampon cozy" she knitted. It looked like a banana!

Thanks for getting us all talking about TAMPONS :)!

Loved all the stuff at this site though! Tutorials were easy to follow and everything was way cute!

Anonymous said...

Those bunnies napkins are too darn cute!
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Amy said...

I just love the bunny napkins! Thanks for all the ideas. Amy

IslandBaby said...

Oh my word...I love the idea of hanging paper storage! What a great tip :)

L'As said...

Why not? eccentric!
bye L'As

LimonVerde said...

Oh i would like to use this hape for my napkins too. Can anybody do it? please tell me toooooooo :D

Unique Gowns said...

I love the bunny ! We have a live one running around our backyard .... I love your creation ! Dana