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Monday, March 17, 2008

Alexa Lett

Ok, can you get anymore artsy than this? I love it when people use everyday ordinary items to make the most amazing art! Alexa Lett made this.........Dang! Alexa has been featured on HGTV and Discovery Channel--- how cool is that?

You can visit her blog to get the low down of this piece of art. The items she used will have you looking at ordinary papers in your house with an artsy eye. Another great way to recycle. I love one of a kind pieces that entertain your much.... it's hard to look away.

I love it when I have a hard time getting past the first page on their blog, where every photo is fun to look at........where I want to share every photo with you. Love this crayon Jenga stack. I thought about doing this with my son's crayons, but I know myself too well.........If I did this, he would need to leave it alone and you know he wouldn't be able to because he would need that one color on the bottom..........then I would get cranky about him dismantling the Jenga Crayon stack.........then I would feel foolish because after all..............they are his crayons........but you know what I mean don't you?

Alexa takes items that most of us would either pass up at a thrift store or even pass off as garbage........and makes the most amazing and interesting art! This below was an old seat to a chair.........she made it a piece of wall art, a wall vase. The chippiness of the red just perfect, don't you think?

A self proclaimed pack rat, she had a hard time getting rid of her daughters clothing. She finally figured out a way to satisfy her need to keep the items and rid herself of finding storage space. She made art of course..........she took her daughters favorite pieces of clothing, cut a small dress template and created something I think is so cool. What a great idea! It kind of reminds me of my love of scrapbooking. Just think how this can be passed down. Wouldn't it be cool to have something like this of your Grandmothers clothing? This gives Art with meaning a whole new spin.

This really cool piece caught my eye. The colors, the print, the textures.......the key. What a great idea for a house warming gift. You could even incorporate house numbers.........I would love that.Here's another fine example of how she will use many elements to create with. The fabric, the buttons, the paper. So many things for the eye to look at. I love those button circles.And this........the domino at the top just kills me. And I'm always a sucker for cut out words. I love the nostalgic, vintage, relaxed feel her art has.

I will never look at old books the same! The vintage turquoise.......the little scrolls, the hounds tooth ribbon. This is so original. I really want to try this.

This was one of her first pieces of art to be hung publicly. Another piece I could stare at for a very long time. Love the pop of color with the red circle that's supposed to be a tire swing. How does she think of this stuff? The exciting thing about her site, is she has FREE downloads of cool papers. All you have to do is send her blog link to 5 people, send her an email and she sends you the download. Very cool items. She also has an Etsy shop.........and I still don't. :) I haven't checked hers out yet.......I'm trying to save my money for a 50mm f1.4 lens...........I CANNOT look at such things.

After visiting Alexa's blog, you will feel encouraged, inspired and motivated to make something artistic out of something ordinary.........something you can change from ordinary to Extraordinary!

Have fun everyone!


muralimanohar said...

Wow..Inspiring is TOTALLY the word! WOW!

M&Co said...

Ohh sooo excited that you feutured Alexa! Shes soo creative, talented, and lets not forget an adorable person! Congrats to Alexa! :-)

Anonymous said...


my name is Annette and I love this idea with this old book. It looks so great. I live in Germany, near Berlin. Scrapbooking is here beginning to break through. So thank you for this inspiration!

Your Annette

The Barber Bunch said...

That book shadow box is AWESOME. I wish I was that creative!

Another good pick! Keep up the good work!


Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

ooooh! Love it. love all of it. I am going to use that dress idea for my daughter's dresses. What a great idea!! Thanks again for featuring such a fantastic and creative person! What eye candy!

Hooked on Houses said...

How creative! I'm impressed. Thanks for sharing so much fun stuff, as usual. -Julia :-)

just jen said...

i am saving my money for that same lens...great minds(and beginning photographers) think alike!

Signature Vintage said...

How wonderful! I loved every one of her creations! I'm off to visit her blog, thanks!

Jennifer P. said...

That mixed media art is gorgeous! I could see myself giving a try at the tree with the button swing--too cute! I'll go give her some shout outs, but I, too, will not be visiting her etsy shop. Trying to save for a vacation here :)!

Shawn said...

great creative blog, she is wonderful! Thanks for highlighting her.

emily said...

haha...i get you on the crayon thought...i totally get you.
i would be doing the same thing...and then i would end up angry. yah, no jenga crayon stack in our house.

peata said...

soooo cool. she is awesome.
very inspiring -all about the mini album
my blog - Crazy bout mini albums :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Kim great creative finds - love the wall vase!
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Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I found Alexa some time ago. She is fabulous!

pumpkin seed said...

I LOVE your blog! I just stumbled on to it a few days ago and I have loved all of the creative blogs that you feature. I have found SO much inspiration here! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi I am popping over from Jodie's blog at RicRac and I am sooo glad I did. This is amazing, I just love what you are doing thanks soo much :)

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Love her things!
Thanks for sharing~

clara said...

The old book idea is just so clever!

Tara said...

I always visit Alexa's site, she is one very talented lady!

Jessica said...

Wow, your enthusiasm is infectious.....I'm going to check her out right now!!!

*I stumbled upon your blog while taking a trip in blogland :)
It's a very beautiful blog!

candeelady said...

My daughter had a favorite shirt my Mom made her of tye dye stretch velour(purple)and we made it into a stuffed bean bag snake toy. She still has it 8 years now. It was the inspiration for my recent craft video, "Silly Rattlesnake".
I added a real "rattle" tail and kids and tweens and teens love making them