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Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's the Little Things

Oh my gosh......I got sucked into my son's playroom and while there I got bit by the organizing bug. I even stayed in my jammies til 2pm working away. I had gone through the playroom before Christmas to get rid of toys we weren't needing any longer........I only did a quick clean up then.
Not this time.........I even re-arranged. I will have photos on my personal blog sometime this week.

So, that was my excuse for not getting this post out yesterday.

It's the Little Things....................

I really want to bring your attention to Lisa's blog, It's the Little Things. Once again, I totally thought I had featured her. I'm sorry Lisa.......we had even talked about her being featured.......I was wondering why she didn't have her blinkie posted. DUH! I had been to her blog several times drooling over her stamped jewelery and marveling at her fun personality in a life that has more challenges than mine. She is so positive and keeps it real. I'm so glad I asked her..........I know I can get side tracked, but a creative blog like this surely would pull me back in.

Lisa is a very busy mom of two very busy boys. In her spare time she makes and creates the most wonderful things. These spoons are baby gifts! Is this the perfect gift or what? Personalized and handmade. AND very reasonably priced.
I have to admit, I also saw these rings on someone's site that had ordered them from her. They ordered these rings with their children's names on them. She wore her wedding ring to show her commitment to her husband and she wore these on her right hand to show her commitment to her children to being their mother......... Is that not the best idea EVER? A couple of other ways to show your family love. And if her jewelery isn't interesting enough, here she is with her twin sister and her other two sisters that are also twins........AND she has two more siblings that are also twins! 3 sets of twins! How crazy is that? Actually the question should crazy is her mother? :)

I love Lisa's blog. She's interesting, her creations are interesting and she's cute. Enjoy!

Still no spell check? Good grief, is someone on vacation over at blogger?


Michelle B said...

I recently bought one of Lisa's necklaces! Love it!

The Kramer Family said...

Wow! I love this stuff. I'm a fan of personalized things. I like the "mom" ideas. Other stuff out there is somewhat cheesy to me, but her stuff ROCKS!


Gina said...

so cool, I just got the necklace I orded from her in the mail yesterday-I love it! thanks!

Mrs. Jones said...

I love those spoons!

I've been going through kid clutter, too. It never ends!


amy * stem * said...

My sister pointed me to your site in just the nick of time. These are too cute and will make a great gift for my friend about to have triplets!

Thanks for all the great links and ideas!

- Amy @ stem parties said...

kim i love this!
those rings are so cool.
and 3 sets of twins? i didn't even that could happen. every time i went into my ultrasounds i prayed for twins. now that i am all done having babies i am so glad God is charge and not me! i might be officially crazy by now.
thanks for another great site.

Nance said...

Got here via Lisa's blog. Your blog is neat, i love it ... i'll surely come back.

I have a fairly new one click here and and here when you have a chance?

Jen r. said...

Love her stuff. great blog feature!
JEn r

tricia said...

What great stuff - love it!

~love said...

love her stuff!

and how LUCKY is her mom?! i begged my doctor to tell me there were 2 babies in there! =)

just found your blog--off to read more! =)

Kelly said...

I literally could not stop the compliments at CHA when I wore my necklace... Lisa's a talented chick! :)

rae said...

I really love her stuff and her blog is a good read.

Classics And Country said...

Thanks for the pictures. Those are beautiful items and a great gift idea.


Laura Richardson said...

I love your blog and I LOVE, LOVE this jewelry. Thank you!

tjc designs Blog said...

3 sets of twins! OMG!!!