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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Updated and Thank you!

Thank you for your overwhelming support of my whining or your thoughts of me not whining. I really appreciate your kind words and uplifting energy.
Also, I finally updated my featured blogger link list. Arg! This job is my least favorite and I know I should just update the link list when I add a new feature..........but I don't. I always wait a few weeks so I really have something to whine about. But it's done. So link visit away.

How many features have the word Cottage or Nest in them?


Crockpot Lady said...


Amanda Ann said...

I see 11


I have just discovered your blog and, I think I am in need of rehab. I am spending every spare second visiting you and all the other incredible gals that grace this blog.Your amazing thank you for sharing your talents.

Jennifer P. said...

I stopped after I saw my own name--how narcissistic can you get :)?!

I think I've already worn the other names out anyway!!!

Jessica K. said...

...not enough!