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Friday, January 25, 2008

Jennifer Paganelli ~ Sis Boom

Today's post is Jennifer Paganelli with Sis Boom. Amazing amazing woman........incredibly talented woman.
This blog community is so interesting. I am continually delighted at meeting these women who are responsible for so many articles I have seen in magazines.........or fabric lines I see in stores. Being from Oregon..........a small town in Oregon, you just didn't run into many "famous" people in the 70s. Unless you count the Dairy Princess that lived down the road. Oh sure there was the time when John Wayne and Katherine Hepburn filmed Rooster Cogburn, or something like that in our area and it was the talk of the town when he shopped at Safeway........I never saw him. But I bet that's exactly when Katherine had MY table at her vacation home in the Poconos......But other than that, I don't remember anyone famous. Especially anyone who may have designed the fabric of your shirt, or the design on your paper plates........or had been in a magazine. She is a regular in so many magazines that I buy........that I read. So, I find it very exciting that I can "meet" and learn from such successful women. Put a face to what I see out there.......... Am I making sense? I guess I feel a bit star struck at times and that's certainly the way I felt when Jennifer had been commenting on this little ole blog. We shared a couple of emails.......and I had no idea it was her. She is such a humble sweet soul. It was one of my biggest DUH moments........when I realized she had the blog named Sis Boom.
First up is her fabric line..........OH.MY.STARS!!! I've seen her fabric?..........I'm pretty sure I've drooled on her fabric. Isn't it gorgeous?

This one I could just roll all over...........Check out this these yummy fabrics on this quilt........Love all those colors. This would be perfect for those cool summer nights sitting on the porch swing........Oh what I'd do for a cool summer night right now.Our swinging attire would be one of these tops. And we would all have a beautiful mane of blond or raven hair swept up in a loose bun. Love those fabrics.

Her fabrics are so versatile. Use them for home decor, use them for fashion. You could match your room. I like it.I always love it when fabrics are all mixed together. This photo above looks so inviting. Great idea with all the dangling stars and circles. Very original. Very dreamy. And this one below........if I was single.......oh it would be mine!Now this just plain ROCKS! She used to make these little fabric buttons with her Grandmother. Her site is peppered with lots of nice family memories.........always giving you a peek into her childhood. I'm sure most of us can totally relate to this photo. That's her twin brother who used to call her Sis Boom. Don't you just love her even more? I think she was actually ready to shove her brother off that tricycle, but was caught........that explains the cute shocked look on her face.She ordered her letters from Deb at Say it with Letters..........I love my letter she sent me and she even sent me that crown too. Looking at Jennifer's crown........I may have to copy it. Love how she did the paper on the letters. I would love to see where she's displaying these.

What is so refreshing is that so many of her everyday crafty stuff is stuff we have all done at some point........but with a little kick.........she upped the anty. Like this Easter basket. What a great and simple idea to just glue silk flowers around the edge. I even have a glue gun. Perfectly great project for Easter coming up.

More ways to make holidays special, any holiday. What a simple tag, but oh so beautiful. That perfect touch.She does some pretty amazing stuff with paper. All with that vintage look we love and adore. Have you ever made a crown? How fun would this be on your birthday? Wouldn't it be fun to make these for your friends for their birthdays? Questions questions questions........I'm full of them today.More vintage goodies.....OK STOP...........hey Jennifer? We would really like to see that turquoise piece of furniture behind your vintage works.

This is interesting. She does these boards for her own inspiration. Remember cutting stuff out of magazines and pasting them on paper? BAM! She just kicked it up a notch. This is so cool.

And paper chains.... Remember those? Well, she did it again.........BAM! kicked up about 1000 notches.Jennifer's blog is full of stimulation. Color, texture, name it, you'll find it. Don't forget to roam around a bit and find your way to her website as well as her blog. You'll be there for hours, so you better grab a diet coke. Heck it's Friday night..........make yourself a margarita.


Crockpot Lady said...

what a beautiful site, and such a talented lady.
you find some really cool places to visit, kim.

Jennifer P. said...

Oh goodness--now I'm all star struck too! I've drooled over her features in my magazines--the paper crowns and the big christmas wreath and the color in her craft room! WOWZA! Great choice! Now I'm a little intimidated to go over to her site and ask for an autograph....

GeorgiaPeachez said...

Jennifer is the epitome of style with class, she is so friendly and unassuming. I totally get what you mean about her, she is a rock star to me! I love everything that she does and I ADORE her fabrics! Thanks for featuring her here and your blog rocks too! xo, suzy

Scrappy Jessi said...

yeah Jen! a shout out! you deserve it girl!
You rock!!
love ya
jessi nagy

Carrie O said...

THAT photo ...everyone has to be able to relate to that!!! too cute! and the Say it with Letters..Deb..I cannot rave enough about her. I have been a customer since about day 1...she is sweet and amazing! I am inspired totally by those paper chains!!! How adorable is that and with scrap paper I could have a hay day! I am all about those! :) Thank you for suce a creative blog! I love it!

Sherry said...

Kim, I love coming here to just see where you've been, what you've discovered -- and I'm telling everyone who reads me to come here and do the same.

Thanks for letting your fingers do the walking for us!! :)

the feathered nest said...

I so love her! I'm going to make a huge ornament wreath for next Christmas inspired by the one she has(forget which mag it was in). She is so talented and creative and just plain inspiring!


Heidi ( said...

You've written up a great post on Jennifer! And you are right on about everything you said, she kicks everything up a notch! But she's the nicest, realist person you'd ever met {so far only virtually, but maybe in person this year for me!}. I haven't found her fabric locally, not in my tiny town in Oregon, but I'm asking them all to stock it, we'll see!
Great post!

rochambeau said...

Cherie (sherry) sent me. Jennifer Paganelli of Sisboom is very talented! Thanks for sharing!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Rochambeau and Carrie O, thanks for stopping by. Do you have a blog?

Jennifer P. You better not get an autograph before me!

Mama Lisa said...

what a great site. i love the sis boom site too. i looked for the hanging stars and circles and the paper chains on her site but couldn't find them. do you know what they are under? thanks.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Mama Lisa,
I have no idea......I'm not that organized when I research a site. I thumb through a lot of archives, but it seems like the stars and circles photo wasn't too far back.
Good luck.

Karin (creativechaos) said...

LOVE Jennifer and Sis Boom! Her fabric is so wonderful!!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

I've been a fan for a while.

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Wow how did I get so lucky.....thank you truly for giving me a shout out on this tremendous blog...What a privledge . Thanks for giving artists a platform...I was blown away by the wonderful post...hats off !!! It doesn't get better than this....Kim I am at a loss for words but please know I have such admiration for what you are doing....So glad to put the blinking badge on my blog...Jennifer

tspwlv said...

Gorgeous gorgeous stuff. Wonder where I can find her fabric nearby. I MUST learn how to sew!

ellencrimitrent said...

I love Jennifer, she has helped me tremendous in this blog world, and such a great talent!
Glad you posted about all her creative talents!!


Fabulous Finds Studio said...

OOOH! I just adore Sisboom, thank you for featuring it on your blog! Love your blog...will be back!
Best Wishes,

deb said...

JEnnifer is just fabulous! Loove the photos you chose! Thanks for the shout out too. :)

paige said...

great post!
i've been a big fan of jennifers for years...LOVE what she does

paige said...

great post!
i've been a big fan of jennifers for years...LOVE what she does

Joy said...

The creativity - it's unbelievable. Wonder if I could catch some through osmosis?....


Danielle Muller said...

love this feature! jen is wonderful...see you tomorrow miss jen...can't wait to be inspired by all that is "sis boom" rock woman!