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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

she saw things

I know...........I'm a bit obsessed with photos lately. LOVE TAKING PHOTOS! My family now thinks my NEW CANON XTi is just a new necklace. What I love is being able to find sites that show me the kind of photos I want to take. I am so green when it comes to using my SLR camera, but I'm on my way. I'm a sponge, just soaking up any and all information I can.
I ran into Jen's site a while ago. She Saw Things site and blog
She is a master! MASTER! I would even call her master if she got a wild hair someday and allowed me to tag along.........hint. :) Because I know why? Because she's in Portland!! I live 15 min from Portland. Seeing her shots and being able to recognize
that NW familiar look is so inspiring. She's got that hip NW vibe and I bet she recycles. Gotta love a gal who recycles AND takes great photos.
I would stop breathing for 5 min if something like this came out of my camera. Isn't it beautiful? The colors, the melted ice cream......the polka dots and sprinkles.......and of course the focus! The focus. Makes me weak in the knees.

And this........the magical look of those feet. I bet this little girl had a blast! I am soaking up the contrast.

The colors...........the texture...........the fuzzy background. I could stare at this for at least 30 min.This is a different wedding shot. I certainly don't have that one in my wedding album. I love the partial view. Of course the colors and the freckles make it so personal. It's not always about the staged smiling faces. Great reminder Jen.As well as this shot of a newly married couple. This shows SO much more than a staged planned out shot. Look at the expression on their faces? That is so cool!Another beautiful flower shot. I would have never thought of taking a photo of the stems. It's all about perspective.

Jen has so much more on her site. she saw things.............oh yes she does. Great ideas that give me little Aha! moments. Hopefully someday, we'll meet.


Jennifer P. said...

I think she should let you be her assistant for the day too!

I love people from the NW--such personality. She really does take gorgeous shots!

she saw things said...

thank you, kim!!!!
my cheeks are red... :::blush:::

take photos everyday! that's the best way to learn... and do what you're doing: look at pics that you like and figure out what you like about them.

xo! - jen

tspwlv said...

OK the creepy pink alien feet I'm not loving but the blue ice cream photo rocks. As does the thought of my very own blue ice cream cone.

tonya said...

I luv me some jen downer and am proud to not only call her friend but say, yes, she has inspiration in spades for us photo-philes. you picked a great master to learn from!

LP Vintage said...

I'm getting new camera envy!! I don't want new camera envy; budget does not allow for fulfullment of new camera envy! I'm off to check out Jen's site while stifling above mentioned new camera envy.

Sherry said...

Kim, this is a great "include" to the wealth of creative sites you've posted!! I am loving this photography and the name of the artist's company is incredibly original -- and very true to her work. Rich, deep and an eye for something just a little out of the ordinary --- not what you'd expect. Thanks for finding this one!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

must go lurking over there!

ScrapHappy said...

Are you coming to CKC Portland? I will be teaching!
Lain said...

oh kim this is just lovely.
thank you.

Crockpot Lady said...

gorgeous, gorgeous. wow. I want to go play around with camera settings now.

Amy said...

I always think that good photography is all about the photographers "eye." She has a great one. Thanks for sharing. Amy

Mermaid Queen said...

Love the photos. Keep up the great work on your lovely blog! ~Martha

Jo said...

I just found your blog - and it is amazing! Off to have a proper look around :)

jo x

dele said...

I'm so lucky to be friends with jen of shesawthings fame, and guess what? Her photography, as amazing as it is, is just one of the many, many, many things that make Jen one of the most AMAZING individuals I've ever had the honor of knowing.
And her husband ain't too shabby, neither. They are just dreamy.
I'm glad they're in the PacNW, but I do miss them dreadfully at times.
I'm glad you discovered her.
: )
sent with love,

ellencrimitrent said...

Hi Kim,

I just gave you a " you make my day award" go to my blog and you will see!!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blogland. Had a nice visit. Wish i could stay all day... gotta get back to work,but I will come back later.

Karen Eileen

Suzanne said...

Sweetie, if you have a few minutes, go to my blog and click on 1-Land-1-Site and read the poem. You won't regret it. Hurry, because he erases his posts within days.

XO Suzanne