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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Daily Danny ~ Danny Seo

Being from Oregon and now living in Washington, I have a soft spot for recycling. My cans never rest on my paper.........It just makes sense. So when I found Danny Seo's blog, I was thrilled. Daily Danny. I had seen his articles in Country Living.....which I think is GREAT! He brings a fresh approach to living pun intended. He definetly shows us that you can still have some pretty hip happenings around your home when you make "Green" choices. I can't help but feel a bit guilty when I read his blog. I feel so indulgent with all my things. But I always leave with a better appreciation for using what's around me.

I once read an article about a couple who decided to not buy anything that wasn't consumable for one year. I have always been intrigued by that............could I ever do that?
NO WAY! I love my bargain cruise around the perimeters of Target way too much........but it does plant a seed....(no pun intended there either) Perhaps I could start with baby steps and try to make it 2 weeks. Let's wait til after the Big A@@ TV saga going on at my personal blog........and let's wait til after my son's birthday.......see it's easy to put it off. With some of Danny's projects, I may not feel like I'm depriving my senses. This simple little rock with a name stamped on it. Simple, beautiful........think how great this would look with a small bowl full of inspirational rocks, or rocks with large numbers on them using rub ons that you have laying around...... Cost: $0 Any packaging for the landfill? None. Love that.

Lots of creative projects on his blog. I really love this plate thing. You could use any shape or color. This looks like a great project for a school auction. OH.MY.GOSH! I just thought of something.........what about monograms! OH MY! And the only thing I would have to buy is the glaze. Nothing for the landfill.........but some great art for a gift or my walls!

I love his creative work space.

OK, another project that is so perfect for us decorating species. If you're in the market for a new fridge.........but your old one is still working just fine and you're not going to buy anything you can't consume for 2 days..........I mean 2 weeks.......or perhaps you have one in the garage for extras.........why not paint it with chalk board paint! HOLY. COW! What a great idea. Think of the creative expression?
Since we're in the kitchen, I thought these little soaps were so nice. He made them for gifts. He melted down some glycerine blocks, added some sand for exfoliation, added his coloring and smelly stuff........and wrapped them in an organic box with bakers twine. Simple, beautiful and so thoughtful. The presentation is perfect.More kitchen goodness...........he melts down his old candles and makes new ones. He uses old shot glasses, terra cotta planters.........pretty much anything he can pour wax into, he will make a candle..........because if you use lots of don't burn as much electricity. You can bet he doesn't have any children running around.
How about sprucing up that bullentin board? We crafty girls have buttons...........usually way more than we will ever use. So why not glue a few on the head of a thumb tack? Darling isn't it?
This guy is a genius. Would you look at this bird house? I love old books, but I don't usually love the old musty pages.........this just uses the cover. Perfect for me.

I know, I know.......Christmas is long gone, but don't throw out those Christmas cards, but if you did, I hope you recycled them......... I remember those little cardboard villages being pretty popular. So stick this in the back of your memory for next year.
Danny's got me thinking of how I can re-purpose more items..........or to keep making sure I find the best way to get rid of them.

Does your state have curbside recycling? I know that my sisters town in Utah does NOT! Sorry Kacie........I'm still scared from my gargabe experience this past summer. I was floored with the overflowing garbage cans along her street on garbage day. I am hoping my brilliant niece will take this on as a school project.
Baby steps.

So ladies...........great "green" ideas over at Danny's site, and he has a cute personality too. While you're there check out all his Simply Green Books, magazine articles, TV shots..........the guy is famous!

Go pay him visit........but don't leave a carbon footprint. :)

Spell check is not working, and even though I made it through years of college..........believe it or not, sometimes I mis-spell a word.......I know! Weird!


Jennifer P. said...

Woo-hoo! A dude finally made it onto TCB! :) I'm familiar with his Country Living contributions too--really neat stuff! I love the rocks, and your idea to do them with numbers.

Jenny said...

That fridge is brilliant!

paige said...

oh this is great! i didn't know he had a blog but leave it up to you to keep us all informed!!!
think i'll go for my visit now.

Lisa said...

Another fun site to visit. Love the creative work space too.

You do a great job of finding so many diverse blogs Kim.

Such a treat for all of us.

Zarah said...

TFS! Those ideas are awesome!!

Joy said...

Wow, this is fab! Love these ideas!

Sherry said...

Danny has a wonderful blog and he's got some fantastic ideas -- thank you for introducing us!! I love the idea of chalkboard paint on the fridge!!! And the candles and the button thumb tacks -- incredible ideas!!!