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Monday, December 3, 2007

Simple Thoughts

Simple Thoughts

Sometimes it takes a small reminder of what I have in my future feature file. Linda from Restyled Home mentioned that I should look at Paige's site.........When she mentioned Paige, I already knew who she was talking about. Sweet Paige. I'm not kidding either. She is sweet as the day is bright..........she would melt if she was experiencing all this rain the NW is having.......because Sugar melts when it gets wet. With all of us rushing around to get our homes decorated, it's always nice to get fresh ideas. Paige has some beautiful holiday decorating going on. Lots of great ideas.
Like this bowl of ornaments........isn't that beautiful?

I LOVE an empty frame, especially painted white. I just added 4 of these to my hallway.........I'll have to show you sometime. I use mine to rotate my son's weekly art........I just use that sticky stuff to stick it right in the middle.......she uses hers for a stocking. What a lovely idea. I may have to shove my son's art work aside til January. I don't know how Paige does it........she has 4 beautiful daughters........talented I might add........and smart. She keeps these girls busy.........or maybe it's the other way around. They, including Paige are a beautiful bunch.

Here's another shot of the empty frames. Such a beautiful simple look with the green wreath. Then as you take a peek around the room, look at all the wonderful things. That hat lamp is such a cute way to add some personality to your room. You can tell I really like those frames..........because here they are again! White on White.........ahhh, so serene, so all the different heights going on, the overlapping of the frames.........ahhhPaige mixes just a hint of vintage with her decor. This stocking below is so festive. And who can pass up a pink stocking? This clock stopped my mouse in action...........then I realized that I HAVE THAT SAME CLOCK! Why does it look so much better in her house? Notice the silver ornaments, the white on white look of the lamp, table and frame.Not only is she a talented decorator, but she scrapbooks too. She needs to scrapbook because she takes a ton of photos.........beautiful photos! Paige's site is a one stop inspiration place. You get a lot for your bang. Her blog is also very touching. Thought provoking and pulls at your heart strings every now and then. It's a good read.
Simple Thoughts


paige said...

kim YOU are the sweetie!
when i woke up this morning & stumbled in to check my emails my face lit up when i saw the note from you!
i have truly enjoyed not only having a blog but more importantly the precious friendships kindled along the way.
your words are too teenager may beg to differ with you!
love your new header and facelift on the blog.
big holiday hugs sweet kim
& thank you thank you thank you!!

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh Kim, this is a lovely new blog. I added it right to the bloglines already before I forget. LOL

restyled home said...

Yayyyy!!! What a great job you did profiling Paige. I agree with all that you said...she is as nice as she is talented!

By the way, your blog looks FABULOUS!!! Sooo professional and pretty! It suits you and your personal style so well!!

Have a great day!

Rox said...

Hi Kim! This is the first time I have posted I believe. I visit everyday,and have for many, many weeks and I can't wait to see what you found. I just love the new look. it is really great! Don't change a thing! I love clean lines too and this page looks great! I visit Simple Thought on a daily basis too. You guys are underneath each other on my favs. I love Paiges blog and all her entries are inspiring to me everyday! I don't know her personally (would love to meet her)but we live near each other. You did a fine job today and every day. keep up the good work!

grover said...

Off to check out the blog..the pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!
Lovin' all the pretty things!

Michelle*G said...

WOW!!! Love Paige's style! Off to check out her blog! Thanks for this post. :)

Firefly Hill said...

Paige is so talented! I love looking at her beautiful photos!