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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Lisa - Bits& Pieces

I'm back from doing a little antique shopping. You can view my treasures on my personal blog Scrap-To-My-Lu. The little plates and the vintage wall paper will be future give aways for sure.

This girl can crank out the cards! I love her cards! She has so many different styles, shapes and designs...........I never get bored. I think she should post more........yes, one a day would be great. :)

I was looking around for some scrapbooking inspiration since I really need to get some done. So, I started looking through my favorites and just kept coming back to Lisa's site.

I wish I could make such beautiful cards for people...........but I have this thing about giving them something I worked so hard on and thinking it will end up in the garbage. Do you think it's rude to ask people for the card back? LOL! If I wasn't so proper, I'm sure I would do that.

This Pirate card is the best!
I really really like this wedding card. Love the kraft paper with white embossing. Beautiful and original.

I was also surprised to see my site listed in her links! Thanks!

Click HERE to visit Lisa


grover said...

tfs this talented card maker..lots of great to check out her site!

kirstenjuenke said...

Yay! Thanks for finding yet another gem for us - oh and btw, happy birthday to you!

mustangsarah said...

Happy Birthday !

Love your blog, I found you thru
Lisa's blog(Bits & pieces).

Lisa642 said...

Thanks so much Kim, for featuring me on your blog. I am shocked!! I love your blog and I click on that link all the time!!!

Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day!!

mnhyrkas said...

Lisa is one of my fav cardmakers. I love how she uses sewing as a frequent embellishment.
And her blog is how I came to find yours!